15 Kat Von D-Approved Ways To Wear Eyeliner That Aren't A Basic Cat Eye

If you're in the mood for a bold lipstick or eyeliner that makes a statement, Kat Von D is your girl.

Even though her roots are in the tattoo business, the heavily inked woman has built herself a cosmetics empire to be reckoned with. Fans swear by Kat Von D Beauty for lipstick that doesn't budge and foundation fit for the lightest and darkest skin tones. Not every company can boast that.

As much as I love Von D's beauty line, what really inspires me is watching her Instagram feed. The woman has tried every beauty look possible, documenting every experiment, neon pigment and brow shape.

Always trust somebody who can make their liner flick into such point. Truly, Von D is the Michelangelo of eyeliner.

Plus — and this is the most admirable part — Von D always credits other artists who inspire her. Very often, she'll even film tutorials with them.

A black liquid cat eye might be her signature look, but Von D isn't afraid to try something new.

Fall is the optimal time to change up your beauty game, so take inspiration from the woman who's painted it all.

Start with your OG cat eye, but extend it across the inner corner for unexpected sharpness.

Or, add a line from your bottom eyelid to create an open space at the outer corner of your eye.

What if you took the standard cat eye and let it fade away? Try this look using the point of a liquid eyeliner pen.

(Psst: 40,000 women "love" Von D's Ink Liner on Sephora.)

If ink isn't enough for you, pat on multicolored glitter using a small brush.

Or, if you're not into extra steps, just widen your flick into a graphic shape.

No steady hands nearby? Trade your pen in for black eyeshadow, using small circles to smoke it out across your eyelid and up into the crease.

If you're feeling edgy, try slicing into your standard eyeliner shape.

Or, exaggerate the shape of your peepers.

I know this is a mural, but the colored liner layered over the black is still striking.

Or, you can try the technique out with a glitter liner.

Hell, why not just really do it big, especially around Halloween?

Kat Von D is the queen of my heart, especially after seeing this precise color blocking.

Keep working, you beautiful goth butterfly.

I'm absolutely inspired.