Karl Lagerfeld Turned Film Director

Wait, what? Karl Lagerfeld is the King of fashion, the voice behind Chanel, and the most interesting character in the world of haute couture. Now, it seems as if he may be adding film director to his resume.

Why you ask? It turns out he’s directing an incredible new project, and I’m no longer shocked and confused. I’m eagerly anticipating his work. Karl Lagerfeld will direct a film being made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Chanel’s first boutique.

This isn’t a little fashion film by any means. Just a hint as to how big it’s going to be: Keira Knightley has been cast as Coco Chanel herself. The film will be shot this week and will be set in the French beachside town of Deauville. Lagerfeld is recreating the town in “detailed retro sets.”

The film is set to be screened at Chanel’s upcoming cruise show in Singapore this May.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images