John Galliano To Teach At Parsons

The rumors that had been swirling around earlier in the year have turned out ot be true. Parsons The New School of Design has just announced that it will be offering a new master class taught by none other than John Galliano.

Seniors in Parsons’s BFA fashion program received an email this past weekend about a new course titled:

“Show Me Emotion.” The course description reads: “’SHOW ME EMOTION!’ seeks to engage its participants by provoking the power of emotion in context of fashion practice and exploration of intuitive, perceptive manners of investigational making.”

Galliano will teach the three-day workshop and the final Galliano and Parsons Dean Simon Collins will reportedly, give critique of the workshop. Collins has admittedly said that he “loved John Galliano” and has said several times that he would be welcomed to teach at the world’s most prestigious design school.

Galliano certainly is taking the time and effort to get his foot back in the fashion world’s door after his much publicized and highly embarrassing anti-Semitic tirade, which caused him to lose his position at Dior.

Parsons is certainly eager to give the designer a shot. The full letter sent out to the students regarding the course said:

“A master of tailoring, construction, research, and thematic investigation, John Galliano is an unparalleled living legend capable of blending and blurring the traditional boundaries of practice. A technical genius, after more than twenty-five years of practice, what inspires him most today is not a destination of a geographical sense but the divergent journeys of the soul, mind, and reflection. Feeling, thinking, perceiving, and responding shape his current creative identity and he allows emotion to determine the depth of a collar, the volume between body and sleeve.”

If you were/are a Parsons Senior, would you be interested in taking this course?

Ally Batista | Elite.

Twitter: @allybatista

Photo Credit: Getty Images