Jennifer Lawrence: Hollywood’s Latest Inspiration


I have to be honest, I never really paid much attention to Jennifer Lawrence. I’m not a "Hunger Games" fan and outside of that, I really can’t say that she’s caught my attention.

After seeing "Silver Linings Playbook," I changed my mind. At just 22 years old, that type of acting talent is rare, and I sure as hell wouldn’t be able to act as passionately as she did.

She’s been winning awards left and right leading up to this moment, the moment that she won Best Actress. Obviously ecstatic, Lawrence hugged her mother and preceded to walk to the stage to accept the award she worked so hard for.

Because nothing right can ever happen to a 22-year-old female (kidding), Lawrence ended up tripping on her beautiful Christian Dior Couture Gown on the way up the stairs. She paused, and laughed, and got up and joked about the incident.

To me, this was the best moment of the Oscars. To see someone be so true to themselves in Hollywood is extremely refreshing. I expect nothing but success from Jennifer Lawrence in coming years, and I wish her all of the Congratulations in the world.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images