It's Come To This: Indian Woman Creates Anti-Rape Jeans That Send Signals To Local Authorities

According to government figures, a rape occurs every 22 seconds in India. To address this horrendous statistic, two Indian entrepreneurs have developed genius and wearable tech.

The design is a line of "anti-rape" jeans, and the garments are programmed to send a distress signal to local police in the event of an attack.

The pants are equipped with geolocation technology, which leads emergency responders directly to the scene of the assault.

Diksha Pathak, 21, and Anjali Srivastava, 23, are the masterminds behind this design. The women are from India's northern Varanasi city, and are hoping to expand their product nationwide following a regional trial.

The inventors shared with the press that they conceived their idea in the wake of a string of particularly brutal attacks in India. Specifically, the deaths of two young girls (ages 12 and 14) following gang rapes in Uttar Pradesh.

In Pathak's own words:

We have been thinking of making this device for a long time. My father is often making himself ill with worry each time I am coming home late. These terrible gang rapes of women that we have heard so much about recently shocked me and my colleague to the very core. Hopefully no other women will have to suffer if they are wearing our clothing.

One pair of anti-rape pants is priced at 25p in India and lasts for three months before a requisite replacing of batteries. The world would be a better place if everyone tailored their designs to the purpose of safety and justice.

via Daily Mail