Iskra Lawrence Had The Best Reaction To Watching Herself Get Photoshopped

Just when it seemed like model and body image activist Iskra Lawrence couldn't get any better, she upped the ante.

Lawrence, best known for her role as Aerie's un-retouched lingerie model, has spoken up about her own struggle to fit a certain ideal of how a woman should look. She's even shown Instagram how easy it is to fake a thigh gap, pretending your body looks different than it really does.

In a new branded video from Elle and Fitbit, Lawrence sits down with a professional photo editor to understand the ways he reshapes her body in post-production. After all the glitz and glam of the modeling session is over, it's his job to make models look "perfect."

And that pesky thigh gap? Lawrence has some thoughts about that.

As she watches the retoucher work, she says,

I've never had a thigh gap and I never will have a thigh gap, unless someone sits here like you and retouches one. If I was to lose weight, I wouldn't lose it like this. Like, I wouldn't be able to change my body shape.

You and me both, girl.

Lawrence explains she's finally reached a place of self-acceptance. She exercises because it feels good and because she's earned it. It's never as a punishment.

If you need a dose of positivity in your live, Lawrence is your girl.