Elite Careers: Isabella's Cookie Company


Since its founding in 2001, Isabella's Cookie Company has been creating mouth-watering cookies that literally taste fresh out of the oven each time. Baked with real butter, sweet vanilla and wholesome chocolate and peanut butter in every batch, the treats do not contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives.

The confections are available to order online, on the phone, or in retail outlets such as Whole Foods and Gelson's Market. For more information on Isabella's Cookie Company, please visit isabellascookies.com.

Name:  Jennifer Palmer

Company: Isabella's Cookie Company

Position: Founder and Owner of Isabella's Cookie Company

Number of years with company: Jennifer launched the company in 2001 so it has been around for 11 years.

College, Graduate school (if applicable): Arizona State University

What does your day/week/month usually consist of? Give us the run through of a typical day (if there is one).

How did you become interested in this industry?


What was your first job in the field? How did you get it/what was the application process like?


What is the best business/career advice you've ever received?


What do you suggest to young adults aspiring to get involved in your field?


What is the most important thing to know about your job?

What is the biggest misconception about your work?


Are there perks to your position/job? Any downfalls? Tell us about it!


Are there internships/entry level job openings currently available? Where can readers find more information?


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Hilary Sheinbaum | Elite.