7 Women Who Are Changing Up The Fitness Game With #FitFam Instagrams

by Emily Arata
Tone It Up

Reigning workout queen Jane Fonda would be proud of the latest generation of female trainers.

Gone are the days of dorky leg warmers and unitards; they've been replaced by sleek social media posts and open meet-ups. Exercise might once have been the domain of men and Upper East Side women, but it's since become everybody's game.

Although many women continue to shell out hundreds per month for SoulCycle classes and the latest in juice cleanses, a new, younger group has chosen to harness the power of the Internet and create female-driven digital communities -- communities dedicated to creating cleaner, healthier lifestyles.

Think of it like the extremely supportive friend who always hits the gym with you on Saturday mornings and suggest snacking on hummus instead of pizza.

While others use the Internet to shop or laugh at cat photos, these women are building a tightly-knit, supportive family, all committed to reaching the same goal.

And while nearly every online trainer offer an exercise plan, nutrition guide or both, there's rarely a price tag above $100, and plenty of free content to explore.

This is the new wave of fitness, and it's happening across your favorite social media apps.

Cassey Ho

Brand: Blogilates

Hashtags: #Blogilates, #POPPilates

The lowdown: After posting her first YouTube workout video in 2009, certified pilates instructor Cassey Ho decided to make a career out of her passion. Her bright personality and dedication to pairing exercise with pop music made her a sensation, and the line has since expanded to include gymwear and in-person meet ups.

Ho, now 28, inspires her fanbase with positive social media sentiments and small fitness challenges via Instagram. Her influence is evident in programs like New York's Y7 Yoga, which uses Beyoncé's hits to push hot yoga students even further.

Tara Stiles

Brand: Strala NYC

Hashtag: #StralaEverywhere

The lowdown: If you've taken a casual yoga class or even tried some kind of quirky-themed class, you can thank Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles. Way back in 2008, Stiles left a career in modeling to develop her own style of the yoga practice less about spirituality and more about feeling balanced.

Since then, Strala Yoga has traveled around the world with 34-year-old Stiles at its helm, encouraging followers no one is too inexperienced to take on yoga practice. To date, a reported 28,000 schools have classes inspired by her program.

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott

Brand: Tone It Up

Hashtags: #TIUteam, #ToneItUp

The lowdown: Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, once the stars of Bravo's short-lived show "Toned Up," are enviable best friends with muscular, tanned bodies to boot. The certified personal-training pair began Tone It Up in 2009, filming themselves completing oceanside circuit routines.

With goofy personalities and a personal history of overcoming obstacles – Dawn dealt with substance abuse and depression, while Scott lost 30 pounds – the friends quickly grew a community created on positivity and a longterm commitment to healthy living.

Kayla Itsines

Brand: Bikini Body Guide

Hashtags: #TheKaylaMovement, #BBG

The lowdownAt 24 years old, Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines is on the rise in a big way. Her devotees track their meals and adhere to Itsines' customized 12-week-long training plan, developed to cater to the needs of female clients.

The results? Judging by the photos each Bikini Body Guide follower posts, they're pretty insane – defined abs and toned arms are just the beginning. With endless selfies, as well as a commitment to giving 100 percent in both the gym and the kitchen, Itsines pushes fans to work harder for the bodies they want.

Tiffany Rothe

Brand: Tiffany Rothe Workouts, Inner Circle Fit Club

Hashtag: #TiffanyRotheWorkouts

The lowdownLA native and former dancer Tiffany Rothe is on the verge of a serious fitness breakthrough. The YouTube star, whose video channel has been viewed more than 112 million times, is also the brains behind the subscription video service Inner Circle Fitness Club.

Rothe, who often posts photos with her children, encourages an active lifestyle and sharply cut six-pack abs. Most notably, she also provides fitness advice in both Spanish and English  – and is "proud to be able to kick your butt in two languages."

Katie Dunlop

Brand: Love, Sweat & Fitness

Hashtag: #LSFsisters, #LoveSweatFitness

The lowdownWhen Katie Dunlop started Love, Sweat & Fitness in 2012, she was at the tail-end of a journey that echoes those of many other women: 45 pounds overweight and tired of diets that didn't get her anywhere. Now, she's a fitness trainer with a positive outlook on changing bodies for the better. She's not just focusing on weight loss either; it's the whole package.

Today, Dunlop counsels her fans on nutrition and fitness, focusing on living a happy and whole life that doesn't lead to depression or emotional distress.

As Dunlop phrases it, "Good things comes to those who sweat!"