People Were Sick Of A Plastic Surgeon's Billboard, So They Wrote A Powerful Message Over It

A billboard for Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery in Michigan that declared "Friends don't let friends muffin top" was vandalized this past weekend by people who are really, really sick of beauty standards.

Office manager Tammy Nelis at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery called the vandalizing situation "unfortunate," saying that the billboard was likely defaced sometime between Saturday evening and Sunday morning. But many people think the only thing unfortunate about the billboard is its tacky, immature nature.

Many people commented on the plastic surgery company's Facebook page in response to the photo, calling the billboard "fat-shaming," "unoriginal" and "hurtful."

One woman wrote, "Good for you profiting on the insecurities of women."

The company said that the ads are meant for laughs.

Responding the criticism, the company posted in a Facebook comment:

Plastic surgery is not for everyone. This ad is not to offend anyone. It's simply to get people to chuckle. Try to see the lighter side of this ad.

Someone please teach this company that not everyone finds the same things funny all the time, especially when those things might be offensive.



 H/T: Jezebel, Photo Courtesy: MLive