Indian Men Apologizing To Terribly Treated Indian Women Is Everything (Video)


India is not known for its amazing treatment of women.

So, a few Indian men in the East India Comedy group got together and issued an apology to those Indian women who have been raped, assaulted, ridiculed and belittled -- and admitted how much it sucks to be a woman.

According to the video, India is the second worst place for women in the world; the only country worse is Saudi Arabia.

The guys in the video, who get movingly riled up when discussing Indian women's rights, say that if a man rapes you, you should chop off his d*ck.

And make him eat it for breakfast. Simple as that.

One smart, smart Indian man says,

I am not a woman, and I apologize. Seriously. You deserve better.

Yes. Yes they do.

H/T: Viral Bitch