Indian Cities Are Launching Female-Only Taxis to Help Ensure Women's Safety and Empowerment

India hasn't been doing itself many favors these days in proving that it values women's rights. After all, a politician recently said that females who have sex outside of marriage (including rape victims) should be executed by the state.

But clearly there are still some who are attempting to advocate for women's safety. In the region of Kochi, the Kerala government has started She Taxi, a female-only transport service that operates to help ensure women arrive to their destinations safely, and aren't harassed or put in an uncomfortable situation along the way.

Following the She Taxi efforts first launched in the town of Thiruvanathapuram with five cabs, 10 taxis in Kochi will be reserved exclusively for women's use.

When successfully implemented in Kochi, Kozhikode will become the third city in the state to introduce its community to She Taxis. But government officials say they hope ultimately to employ 250 She Taxi custom-made, pink and white cabs in cities all across the country.

Government officials say that the She Taxi idea has been so well-received thus far that other countries with high incidences of harassment of women are looking to pilot the program.

According to Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, the United Arab Emirates has expressed interest in starting its own She Taxi initiative.

Chandy also said that the program has become a "women empowerment model" for others to emulate. Hopefully, this program will continue to ensure the safety of women, and encourage more and more politicians to speak out in support of women's rights.

via Business Standard, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr