25 Things Independent Women Need To Stop Feeling Guilty About

It's no secret that as women, we are prone to apologize for nearly everything. Some guy tried to walk past you on a crowded train? You say you're sorry, even though he's the one who pushed you against a pole. Ordering iced tea when your entire group orders iced coffee? You apologize for not blending in.

The worst part is when we start apologizing for the bigger things. Asking for a raise? Aggressively campaigning to score that promotion?  Those scenarios don't require us to say we're sorry, but we do it anyway.

The only thing we should be sorry about? Allowing ourselves to feel guilty every time we make things work our way. It's not our fault we got our sh*t together -- and we definitely shouldn't feel bad about it.

Here are the 25 things independent women need to stop feeling guilty about:

1. Earning more money than your spouse.

Girl, you worked your ass off to get here. Don't allow yourself to feel guilty for something you should be celebrating.

2. Buying yourself that jewelry.

Yeah, you could have technically waited for a dude to buy those for you. But why? If you want those diamond earrings, buy those diamond earrings.

3. Traveling solo.

The best adventures can be had when you're left by yourself. Allow yourself the time and space to get lost. What you find may change you.

4. Taking a sick day when you get your period.

Terrible cramps, bleeding out of your cooch, backaches, moodiness -- and you're supposed to work 9-6 with all that? If you feel like you can't get out of bed, don't. Take the day to work from home and feel a little less sh*tty tomorrow.

5. Eating a second (or third) slice of cake at your friend's wedding.

If you spent hundreds of dollars on a gift, bridesmaid dress, heels and someone to do your hair and makeup, you deserve an extra piece of cake. It's only fair.

6. Adopting a new pet.

What, did you need someone to validate that you are deserving of the unconditional love a pet can give? The only guilt you should feel is why you didn't adopt a furry new BFF sooner.

7. Masturbating on the reg.

Who says a d*ck needs to be attached to a man in order to feel good? Indulge in a bit of self-love as often as you need.

8. Wanting to work instead of staying home with the kids.

You can want more than one thing. You want to make partner at your firm or scoring a promotion, while still spending time with your kids. Family will always be important, but so will work. Find new ways of staying in touch with the babies while preparing for your next meeting.

9. Being the boss.

Hear that? It's the sound of my heels walking all over your glass ceiling.

10. Finishing first.

If he still doesn't go down (or if he only cares about getting himself off) dump the schmuck and invest in a fancy-schmancy vibrator.

11. Spending a beautiful Saturday in bed.

We all have off-days, and you deserve one, too. If your plans for the afternoon include Netflix, Seamless and PJs, you're living life right.

12. Not wearing heels.

Heels might do wonders for your ass, thighs and posture, but no one gives a shit about that stuff if your blisters are starting to grow their own blisters. Just get some point-toe flats and no one will even know the difference.

13. Getting draaanks.

Getting drinks are for old people and cats. Dranks are for ladies of class that had a long day/month/year and need a bit of liquid fuel to get their feet back on the ground -- or in someone's bed.

14. Not going out with your friends.

It's Friday night, you spent all week slaying away at your laptop, and your girls still want to go party at 1OAK? Yeah, just tell them you're staying late at work or have a runny nose or something and spend the evening alone.

15. Not wearing makeup to brunch/shopping/a date.

They should be thankful you showed up at all. Spending an hour in front of your mirror getting lipstick on your teeth? No, thank you.

16. Reading a crappy book.

Reading "Crime and Punishment" can feel like, well, crime and punishment. Who can blame you for wanting to switch it up to some good 'ol bootleg "Fifty Shades"?

17. Having chipped nails.

Chipped nails are an indicator of adventure. You probably lost them hiking up Mount Everest or doing an extra couple miles on your morning run. A mani can wait one more day.

18. Not owning any pretty silverware.

Why own things that actually need to be washed after every use? Who has time for that? Paper plates are the way to go.

19. F*cking up virtually every Pinterest tutorial imaginable.

How do they get their braids to look so good? How can they slice their avocados so precisely? Are there fairies involved?

20. Ordering from the same place for dinner every night for a week.

Why explore when you already know what you love? If they can get it to you in a half hour and give you a free egg roll with the purchase of an entree, they're worthy of your repeat Seamless binges.

21. Hailing a cab when you have to walk five blocks.

If it's a night out and you're drunk and wearing six-inch heels, get that cab. If you just twisted an ankle, get an Uber. If you're just feeling lazy, re-evaluate your priorities and walk the five damn blocks.

22. Having a really complicated Starbucks order.

Sometimes, you need to be a little specific. Just when you do, be nice to the poor barista that has to get your venti triple shot Pumpkin Spice Latte with extra foam and extra caramel drizzle down pat.

23. Buying yourself flowers.

Fact: Flowers are pretty Instagram backdrops. You don't wait for a spouse to up your Instagram game -- you do it yourself. Plus, they smell nice.

24. Knowing the words to every "Sex and the City" episode by heart.

"I don't want to be the up-the-butt girl, because I mean... Men don't marry up-the-butt girl. Whoever heard of Mrs. Up-The-Butt? No, no, no. I can't. I want children and nice bedding, and I just can't handle this right now."

25. Still having a subscription to Seventeen and Teen Vogue.

You might not be their target audience, but a girl is never too old to gush over prom dresses and cute barely-legal boys.