15 Reasons Why Im Not A B*tch, I'm Just Being Honest

by Ashley Fern

The truth-- something everyone claims to want, but when faced with it, deny it's existence. There are many people in the world who ask for people's opinions for all the wrong reasons.

It's not because they are going to listen to anything you just said, but because they just like to discuss their issues.

When you finally tell them what they really need to hear, they act offended and upset when all you did was what they asked in the first place. Do you know what we like to call these people? Askholes.

People don't want the truth, they want the answers they are longing to hear. But you know where that's going to get you? Absolutely nowhere. So what are the most common situations that should be embraced?

1. I told you those jeans were too tight because you already knew they were.

If you have to ask if an article of clothing is flattering, don't you already know that it's not? If you absolutely loved the way it looked that would be enough to persuade you to buy it.

Maybe you just needed to hear it from another person so you didn't buy it, but come on -- stop wasting everyone's time and try things on in your size.

2. I told you not to eat pasta because you asked me not to let you.

Don't get pissed off at me for encouraging your diet whose details you made me listen to for the past two weeks.

Neither of us wants to hear you complain afterward about how pissed you are at yourself for breaking your newfound healthy habits.

3. I told you he's an assh*le because I think you deserve better.

Don't you want your friends to tell you when you're wasting your time with a guy? Isn't this the point of friends, to give you some clarity and perspective when you desperately need it the most?

Instead of jumping to this guy's defense, why not hear your friends out?

4. I called you out for texting that guy because you're going to hate yourself for doing it the next day.

Obviously, you aren't thinking rationally, which is why your friend's opinion is so valuable.

You know deep down you shouldn't be doing these things, but you can't help it. You should thank your friends who put you in your place instead of getting mad at them.

5. I yelled at you to get your sh*t together because you were being a drunk mess.

You may not remember your behavior in the morning, but everyone else will. You should be thankful the people around you aren't encouraging your terrible behavior, rather they are just looking out for you. Hmm, does there seem to be a common theme here?

6. You asked me if I liked this dress you wanted to order, I don't.

Sorry, not sorry... you asked my opinion, and I gave you the truth. Would you want to be walking around in a very unstylish frock? Exactly.

7. I called you lazy because you aren't even trying to look for a job.

Someone needs to light a fire under your ass, and clearly you aren't capable of doing that yourself.

If you didn't have anyone encouraging you to look for work, do you real think you'd ever make any moves?

8. I knocked that last shot out of your hand because I didn't want you to throw up at work on a Tuesday morning.

I'm not cutting you off to ruin your night; I'm cutting you off because I know your limits better than you do.

Don't you think I'm a professional at this by now... at least when it comes to other people. I'd expect you to do the same for me.

9. I called you out for being a bitch because I knew something was bothering you.

I'm your friend, not your punching bag, so when you're acting like a bitch, well, we both know something is up.

Instead of getting defensive, vent about your problems. I mean isn't that the role of a friend anyway -- to be a stand-in shrink when you need one?

10. I called you out on being cheap because you haven't paid your share the past three times.

Everyone knows you're drinking more than the rest of us, so why are you pushing us to split the bill evenly.

Maybe this will fly once or twice, but you've reached your limit and it's time you knew.

11. I took your boyfriend's side because you were genuinely f*cking wrong.

You asked me who I thought was right in the argument and I took his side. I hate to burst your bubble, but just because I'm your friend doesn't mean I'm not going to tell you when you're wrong.

12. I told you someone's talking sh*t on you because I want you to be aware.

Don't shoot the messenger here! Wouldn't you like to know these things so you can avoid these people or confront them?

13. I suggested hitting the gym because I know you're unhappy with your body.

If you complain about how miserable you are constantly, don't be offended when I offer a solution to your problem. Chances are you were already aware of this, you just didn't want to recognize it.

14. I told you it was time to go home because I didn't want any more embarrassing drunk pictures of you all over social media.

Someone needed to tell you! Aren't you happy your parents won't be able to see how big of a slob you've become?

15. I said you have too much makeup on because you look like you're trying way too hard.

The worst of any situation is to look like you're trying too hard. Makeup is supposed to accentuate your already natural look, not make you look like a completely different person. Haven't you heard the Kylie Jenner backlash?