If He Doesn't Care, You Shouldn't Either: Good Men Give A F*ck (Video)


L. Condom's "A Call to Good Men" commercial should be a rallying cry to women everywhere: find yourself one of these (and don't forget to use protection).

L. Condom's "good man" is a J.Crew model look-alike who's not afraid to pet puppies, trample through the wilderness, or stop to sniff some flowers. He knows that the mark of a real man is treating women right. According to the voiceover:

"They would never put harmful additives inside a woman's body." "Good men know sex isn't about conquering women, it's about making it worth her while."

But the company doesn't stop there: in addition to promoting that every US couple be safe and mutually-respective, for every L. Condom that you buy, they vow to give one to a person in a developing country, spreading a safe sex message to other parts of the world.

And if that's not enough to sell you, see their slogan: "Good men give a f*ck." D*mn right.