The Difference Between Boys And Men That Every Twenty Something Girl Needs To Understand

by Elite Daily Staff

We all have wasted way too much time on boys who act aloof, keep us on a string and are selective in their affection. And the truth is that these guys have a lot of growing up to do. A real man knows what he wants, goes after it and can’t be bothered to play the games.

We’re not saying that going after boys isn’t fun – everyone loves a good chase, but at some point both females and males outgrow that kind of relationship.

If you can’t tell the difference between a boy and a man, we’ve broken it down here, including everything from sex, love and lifestyle with a lot of laughs throughout.

1. Boys work your nerves. Men work hard.

2. Boys have their mommies take care of them. Men take care of their mommies.

3. Men buy you dinner. Boys buy you value meals.

4. Boys have wet dreams. Men make you wet.

5. Men do what they say they’ll do. Boys do sh*t.

6. Boys play games. Men play poker.

7. Boys like happy endings. Men like happily ever after. (Awwww…)

8. Boys like EDM. Men like R.E.M.

9. Boys like stuffing dollars in g-strings. Men like stuffing dollars in 401k’s.

10. Boys like Molly. Men like Mary Jane.

11. Boys think about sex. Men think about marriage.

12. Boys pursue Double D’s. Men pursue Ph. D’s.

13. Boys like lap dances. Men like laptops.

14. Boys buy you tickets to a rave. Men buy seats for a concert.

15. Boys run away. Men run sh*t.

16. Boys think inside the box. Men eat the box. (Pardon our expression).

17. Boys bro out. Men ball out.

18. Boys finish first. Men finish the job.

19. Boys save up for video games. Men save up for a ring.

20. Boys drive cars. Men are driven.

21. Boys like M&M’s. Men like S&M.

22. Boys get crunk. Men get drunk. (lol, does anyone use the word “crunk” anymore?)

23. Boys wear track suits. Men wear pant suits.

24. Boys enjoy porn. Men enjoy porn. (Some things never change!)

25. Boys like to whine. Men like to drink wine.

26. Boys say, “I like you.” Men say, “I love you.”

27. Boys like sweatpants. Men like sweating it out.

28. Boys flirt. Men date.

29. Boys wear Jordans. Men wear ‘Gamos.

30. Boys are cooked for. Men cook for you.

31. Boys blow you off. Men blow your mind.

32. Boys take up your time. Men take their time.

33. Men get respect. Boys get what they deserve. (BOOM!)

34. Men will help you move forward. Boys hold you back.

35. Boys love themselves. Men put women first.

36. Boys spread rumors. Men spread your legs. (Just stay with us on this one…)

37. Boys hold the door for you. Men stop traffic.

38. Boys talk. Men listen.

39. Why did we make such a big list?

40. Boys give you heart ache. Men soothe your aching heart.

41. Boys follow their friends. Men think for themselves.

42. Boys text. Men call.

43. Boys get jealous. Men get the girl.

44. Men ask for your number. Boys ask for your count.

45. Boys stick it in you. Men stick up for you.

46. Boys will give you The Clap. Men…clap for you.

47. Boys snoop through your phone. Men trust you.

48. Boys are dogs. Men have dogs.

49. Boys have a lot to learn. Men will teach you.

50. Boys complain about this list. Men share it.