17 Things That Make Him The Husband Of Your Dreams, Not Just Another Boyfriend

by Elite Daily Staff

There comes a time in every girl’s relationship where she thinks to herself, “Wow, I could really marry this person.” Suddenly, all the silly things that used to weigh her down don’t feel so unmanageable anymore. All the goals she has for herself finally seem possible.

It’s like the world has finally fallen into place; she has found her missing piece.

The thought of committing yourself to one person doesn’t scare you; it inspires you. You never realized that your soul was only partially complete until you met its other half.

When we think of why we love our significant others, we tend to think of the big-picture reasons and overlook the endearing, smaller moments of intimacy. Like how he prepares an extra bowl of cereal for you in the morning, or how he takes the time to look nice out of respect for your personal upkeep.

These are the small, yet significant ways you know he’s on a different level.

Here are the 17 things that make him your hubby, not just another boyfriend:

1. He automatically gives you the red and pink Starbursts

You instinctively know that the chocolate part of a black & white cookie is his. It’s not about giving something up; it’s the comfort and warmth that comes from simply sharing with another person.

2. He wants you to take better care of yourself

We’re not talking in a superficial, you-should-workout way. When he genuinely respects you and shares responsibility in caring for you, the way you treat yourself is important to him.

He wants you to stick around (and vice versa), after all.

3. He’s better than Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is like, everywhere right now, so that’s pretty maj.

4. He calls you when he’s away

He truly misses you and is thinking of you, and no matter how cool his trip is, it’d still be exponentially cooler if you were there.

At the end of his day, he wants to hear about yours.

5. He wakes you up to pull you in closer

That moment when he rolls onto your side, reaches for you in the darkness and hugs you tighter to his chest, is the absolute best.

You appreciate the times you sleep soundly, cuddled up next to him just as much as your wakefulness.

6. He supports your hobbies you think are stupid

So maybe you think your Spider-Man obsession is super dorky, or your YouTube videos are totally lame, but he makes you feel special for having that authentic quirk.

He encourages you to take time for yourself and enroll in a class or visit an exhibit because he wants to see you fulfilled, no matter how ridiculous your passions are.

7. He treats your friends like family

You get that tingly feeling when it's he who suggests hosting the girls over at your shared place for a ladies’ night.

It’s those same feelings of appreciation when he asks about your girlfriend who isn’t doing well. His thoughtfulness extends to the people you love, not just you.

8. He’ll accompany you to the midnight showing of “Twilight”

He won’t say anything when you don’t wear a bra under your t-shirt and cry during the not-sad parts, either. He wants you to be comfortable. It’s a safe space.

9. He toasts your bagel for you

Bonus points if he puts yours in first. It’s the everyday, small things that show he’s thinking of you that touch you most.

Folding your clean laundry while he’s running his, picking up that special bottle of hot sauce he knows you love, or leaving you a special text to wake up to -- it’s that kind of genuine thoughtfulness that makes you feel loved.

10. He compliments your body and shows his appreciation for it

The key word here is that he appreciates your body; he doesn’t objectify you or place certain demands on your physique. He’s grateful for its strength and capabilities, and he doesn’t hold back from demonstrating it.

11. He tickles your back before bed

He indulges in romantic pillow talk. Those moments of vulnerability are the ones that bring you closer.

12. Thinking about your future together doesn’t scare you

When you plan events in advance, you automatically consider him and his needs. Thinking about your future together excites you; it doesn’t make you feel uneasy or unsure.

You’re simply happy just knowing that he’ll be apart of your life.

13. He puts up with your latest diet obsession

It’s all part of that “I love you for who you are” thing.

14. He works on his communication skills

Men are from Mars; women are from Venus. We’ll never read that book, but seriously, sometimes couples have the worst communication skills because they’re trying too hard to appease the other person.

He recognizes when he needs to communicate better with you while, at the same time, you acknowledge that he’s trying. At the end of the day, though, you know that he’s well-intentioned.

15. You wish he took more time for himself

It’s a testament to his character that he puts others needs’ above his own and even lets you watch football with him.

Your concern for his well-being, combined with your respect for his personal time, signifies that you really care about him on a different level.

16. He puts in the effort

He makes it a point to try new things and visit new places with you. He knows that a relationship doesn’t succeed just by saying, “I love you.”

It’s like the love fern in “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.” Growing the relationship requires effort from both sides.

17. You’re inexplicably happy at the end of the day knowing you’ll see him

No matter how awesome of a day you just had, it’s not complete without coming home to his loving arms.

We’re all trying to be successful and make something of ourselves, and it’s comforting to know that someone else out there wants that same health and happiness for us, too.

Photo Courtesy: Sterling Graves