From Chunky To Hunky: Chris Pratt's Drastic Weight Loss Makes Him Even Hotter Than Ever

by Elite Daily Staff

Chris Pratt might have out-shined Oprah Winfrey as Hollywood's biggest yo-yo dieter.

His well-documented body transformation for each role is like exercise inspiration for the rest of us. If Pratt can lose an entire Andy from "Parks and Recreation," then so can we.

Pratt is clearly familiar with binging and beefing. In 2012, he had to gain 60 pounds for 2013's "Delivery Man."

And now, he’s back to buff again for the summer blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy.” For “Guardians," Pratt lost 80 pounds, then replaced it with 20 pounds of muscle in about six months. One of his secrets? Cutting out beer.

In honor of his current hot physique, here's a timeline of Pratt's drastic weight loss (we hope he sticks to buff, at least for a while).

This is how Pratt gained weight for "Parks and Rec"

Effective, yet no energy required.

At least he was able to see his feet at that size

He looked ready to deliver in "Delivery Man"

Pratt goes six months without beer and exercises: Dayum. We thought this only happened in Jenny Craig commercials. Nice work, Chris.

While taping an appearance on "Conan," Pratt debuted this photo of his body. We're not disappointed by his abs or his choice of underwear.

A very happy Memorial Day indeed: Even when he's not working, he's still working it

#HappyMemorialDay and thanks to Kauai Athetic Club for the sweet venue for the #MurphChallenge pic.twitter.com/qUbqqAwPOs — chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) May 26, 2014

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Top Photo Courtesy: Comic Vine