Ladies' Hump Day Hump Of The Week: Chris Evans, Swoon

Elite Daily

We're going to be flat-out honest with you, ladies. We've been wanting Chris Evans' slice of buttered muffin for quite some time. We love a man who can dance, we love a man who plays guitar, and we love a man who can save the world (thrice in "Captain America", "The Avengers", and "Fantastic Four" - no big deal).

True confession: sometimes when he speaks, we don't even know what is coming out of his mouth because we are so distracted by his astonishingly good looks and crazy gorgeous smile (panting, exhales). There. We've said it. And at a ripe 32 years old, Chris is only getting sexier and sexier.

He's got confidence, a playful sense of humor and back muscles from a Greek adonis. We swoon over his scruff and can barely contain ourselves when he's on the big screen. Okay, we're going to stop ourselves before we get too graphic.

Chris Evans, we're finally mustering up the courage to declare our undying love for you and all that you are (besides your abs). Please, stop by our offices any time.

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