The Best Holiday Hangover Cures

The holidays are a time to eat drink and be merry, emphasis on drink If you’re going to be seeing relatives you haven’t seen in a while (ones you don’t particularly care for) or are going to be meeting your significant other’s quirky family for the first time (you can do it), I can guarantee you’ll be throwing back a drink or two more than usual.

Luckily, there are a few ways to cure this guaranteed hangover come December 26th or New Year’s Day. The first, and most obvious, drink plenty of water. You’ll be dehydrated from all of the eating and drinking you’ll be doing, and hydrating is your best way to a quick recovery.

Next, forget about that post-holiday diet until after your hangover is cured. Eat something greasy and filling. Pack on the carbs, according to doctors at the Mayo Clinic, who say that these foods are best for boosting your blood sugar and settling an upset stomach.

Try eating something with an artichoke. Health experts say that this vegetable contains substances that can reduce bloating and nausea, two symptoms of hangovers, while helping protecting your liver cells from alcohol.

Keep drinking that ever so trendy coconut water, which has the same five electrolytes found in your blood, which will help you boost your rehydration.

As long as you keep these methods in mind, don’t even worry about all of those Christmas Cocktails you’ll be enjoying tonight. Happy Holidays!

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images