H&M: First Fashion Retailer To Release Factory Names

Pretty soon it’ll seem as if this is an H&M fan girl blog with all of the articles that are focused on the Swedish fast fashion giant, but I can’t help that they’ve been absolutely everywhere, can I?

A major issue in fashion is that of sustainability. Sure, fashion retailers say that they’re eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, but are they really? It seems as if every retailer has a little back room with all of their factories secrets stowed away, but H&M is un-ashamed to be honest.

In past years, skeptics have criticized H&M as to whether or not they’re actually eco-friendly. This year, H&M is putting all speculation to rest by releasing their most informative sustainability report yet. H&M has been the first fashion retailer to ever disclose its entire supplier factory list.

The company also revealed details covering the sustainability of its manufacturing processes and use of eco-friendly materials. From this report it has been found that H&M is the biggest user of “certified organic cotton in the world. At 11.4%, H&M plans on using 100% organic cotton by the year 2020.

Another interesting statistic, 74% of H&M managers and 50% of board members are women (go H&M!). For those of you interested in a career in fashion, as well as equality of the sexes, H&M may be the perfect working environment for you.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images