Hillary Clinton Is Trying To Sell You Designer Bandanas Because She's So Fashion

Voting for the next President of the United States is a privilege, certainly. But as the 2016 presidential election enters its final months, it's starting to look more like a circus than politics.

On the one hand, you have the orange set of bagpipes known as Donald Trump. On the other, you have Hillary Clinton.

She's been much-mocked by the press for her constant attempts to please everybody. That includes Millennials, of course.

Never has that been more apparent than in the latest collection for Hillary's "Made for History” collection, in which fashion designers produced custom merchandise to support the former First Lady's campaign.

Want a stylish ascot for the end of summer? Thakoon has you covered with a $25 black bandanna that bears the name “Hillary” in script.

Even Instagram fashion partnership head, Eva Chen, has been spotted wearing it.

New arrivals to Hillary's store also include a $45 Jason Wu T-shirt, and a $75 clutch designed by Edie Parker creative, Brett Heyman.

The collection might be a cheap way to buy designer, but not quite as timeless as, say, a suede jacket.

Interestingly, though, the items are a way for the fashion set to use their influence, rather than just donate to Hilz' campaign.

Designer Thakoon Panichgul said in a statement,

[Hillary] has fought for her beliefs – and for those people she stands for – since her earliest years in the political arena. Her strength of conviction, and steadfastness in approach have resulted in the continued progress our country demands of leaders and citizens alike.

Personally, I'm in the market for a Hillary-branded black pantsuit. If she's going to start branding clothing, it might as well be the truly commanding kind.