This New Highlighter Proves We've Taken Our Pizza Obsession Too Far

Jesse Morrow

Like any other sane human, I love pizza. In fact, my profile photo on dating apps is of me shoveling a pepperoni slice into my mouth. I don't think I've ever looked more attractive. Also, it forces men to associate me with pizza, which is definitely a good thing and probably accounts for half my right swipes.

I also happen to love makeup. I mean, I get paid to write about it. I also get more excited about the release of Pat McGrath Skin Fetish than I do for the Super Bowl, which probably says more about me as a human than, say, my zodiac sign or my shoe size.

Look, I'm normally all about combining my obsession with pizza and makeup (namely eating makeup while applying pizza — wait, no), but this highlighter takes it way too far.

The highlighter was created by beauty blogger Gina Kay after her pressed highlighter broke.

She then mixed it with loose, shimmery shadows and rubbing alcohol to create … pizza.

I'd say this makes you look as greasy as a dollar slice, but the shimmer actually comes out really pretty. It's also making me hungry.

Next up: Chipotle burrito highlighter. Make it happen, internet.