New High-Tech Mirrors Will Point Out All Your Flaws And Offer Advice

by Gigi Engle

My ladies, what better way to start your day than by figuring out everything that's wrong with your appearance, am I right?

You know when you look in the mirror and wonder, "Is that a pimple or a hive? Is that seasonal dryness or an age spot?"

Now, thanks to new high-tech mirror from Panasonic, all these highly important questions may soon be answered.

The Japanese mirror will use digital projections to scan your reflection, point out everything that's wrong with it and then offer treatment suggestions on ways to fix these problems.

And -- bonus! -- it'll also make a record of these flaws so you can see if these expensive creams and serums are doing their job to make your face better over time.

NY Mag points out:

Panasonic claims the mirror isn't all about bad news — it can also be used to help consumers try out new haircuts, facial-hair stylings, or other looks before committing to them.

Unlike The Skinny Mirror, instead of disguising your flaws, this new mirror will do just the opposite: make you highly aware of them.

A dream come true. (Not.)

The mirror is just a prototype and is far from being available for market consumption, but just the thought of it makes us feel a little inadequate (which, now that I think of it, is probably good marketing on the company's part).

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