Heels May Be More Trouble Than They’re Worth


Heels. Women’s kryptonite. I own 35 pairs myself and would often times rather wear heels than flats. They give us a little confidence boost, and absolutely make us look ten times better.

Yes, sometimes they hurt, but I always chalk that off to it being a sh*tty pair of heels. Am I wrong, though? According to a new study conducted by the College of Podiatry, most women have pain within an hour of wearing heels and 90 percent of women have foot problems from poorly fitting shoes.

I refuse to believe that this is the actual shoe's fault. It must be something the wearer is doing wrong, right? Well, I may actually be right after all! The study also said that a third of women said that they’ve worn heels that they knew didn’t fit because they really liked them and couldn’t find the right size. There you go, the foot pain is your own fault.

Well, maybe.

Normally, I’d advise you to listen to the doctor, but I can never stop wearing my heels...

Photo Credit: Getty Images