Organic And Overpriced: 33 Struggles Of Being A Healthy Girl

by Ashley Fern

Staying motivated to be healthy -- especially during the cold months -- is a constant struggle. It's so much more appealing to head home after a long day of work to indulge in a variety of snacks when you know that you should be exercising instead.

It's a struggle of wanting to feel good and feel the warmth of a huge bowl of pasta.

Sure, eating healthy may be easier said than done, but once it's done, you don't understand why you were questioning it in the first place.

So, what are the problems fit fanatics face on the reg?

1. Produce is never cheap.

Why do sliced fruits cost $4.99? WHY?!

2. The initiation fee at your gym can cost up to $400.

What exactly is an "initiation fee" anyway? Are you literally charging my card for inputting my information into the computer?

Wouldn't this fall under your job description? I bet you're making a commission off this too...

3. Yoga and Pilates memberships cost as much as your rent.

How can places even get away with these crazy prices? Thank god for Groupon and ClassPass.

4. Work-out clothes never come cheap.

If you want your clothes to last through endless laundry cycles, you know you have to invest in the good stuff. Yes Lululemon, I'm talking to you.

5. The more you work out, the more laundry you must do.

Or the more laundry you must ship out to do...

6. Anything with an organic label slapped on it automatically costs $10 extra.

Insurance should cover the cost of healthy foods. Why are we being punished for keeping our health in good shape?

7. Soy milk is always an extra cost.

How can you charge $1.50 for a small portion of soy milk when the entire container costs about $5?

8. You have to carve out two hours of your day just to exercise and shower.

And you still can't decide whether it's better to go before or after work.

9. People always give you sh*t for choosing the gym over happy hour.

Because your happiest hour is always spent at the gym.

10. You have to food shop every four days since everything expires.

You can't even buy produce in bulk because by the time you get around to eating half of it, your items will have already reached the expiration date.

11. No one ever wants to go out to dinner with you.

Since you always want to go to the healthiest places possible.

12. Every time you order, it's a 10-minute ordeal.

"Can I have an extra vegetable instead of croutons? What about dressing on the side? Also, no meat please..."

Guess this is also why no one wants to go out to eat with you.

13. You've gotten a free-week trial to every gym in your city.

This is really how you beat the system.

14. One SoulCycle class is your cab fare for the week.

Umm... $40 for one class? You know what you could do with that $40?!

15. Smoking weed always f*cks up your diet.

In the moment, it's always worth it -- the next day, not so much.

16. You're never, ever full.

Most people would consider everything you eat a snack.

17. You always get the drunkest out of all your friends.

Since your stomach is filled with the lightest foods, it's a quick route to blacking out.

18. Your drunk alter-ego will consume anything put in front of you.

Your drunk-self isn't worried about calories or carbs or diets, all she cares about is what she can get her hands on when she's wasted.

19. You don't understand why girls will only do cardio.

The day you picked up a set of weights was the day your life was changed for the better.

20. You will always resent the girl who orders pasta at dinner.

Must be nice not having a care in the world.

21. You base your entire social life around your gym schedule.

I mean, what else would you base it around?

22. You're always a little bit on edge.

...Probably because you're starving.

23. You've thought of every possible way to disguise your gym clothes as everyday clothes.

It really just makes everything much more convenient for your lifestyle.

24. You'd rather spend money on a new gym outfit than a going-out outfit.

You'd get much more use out of a gym outfit, so doesn't that just make sense?

25.  You knew Brooke Wyndham was innocent the second you heard she was a fitness instructor.

It's just common sense.

26. You follow your fitness teachers on social media.

You follow them on Twitter and Instagram, you like their fan pages on Facebook and you definitely watch their videos on their YouTube channels.

27. There are always at least three plain Greek yogurts in your refrigerator.

When someone asks you if you eat enough protein...

28. You consider water a food group.

Which is why...

29. People at your office think you have a bladder problem.

Fifteen times in one business day is normal, right?

30. You have, on more than one occasion, done two-a-day workouts to make up for missing the gym.

If you know you're going on vacation for a week, you better believe you're working out twice as much to make up for your missed days.

31. You've tried every cleanse known to mankind...

You chase your juice with water because no matter how many times you cleanse, you can't stomach the taste of kale.

32. ...Only to realize it's never worth it.

And your wallet thanks you for finally coming to your senses.

33. You gym hop based on Gilt specials.

Thank God for Internet deals, or you don't know how you would afford a monthly membership.