Sorry, Not Sorry: The Problems Every Party Girl Has

by Elite Daily Staff

Making the rounds on the party circuit does not come without a price. According to Newton's principles, for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction-- meaning that if we take that extra shot of Cuervo, we will most definitely wake up bruised and missing a few more brain cells.

Being a valuable contributor to the health of a soirée comes with repercussions; we're always going to have great stories to share, but we might not always remember them. Despite all the problems celebrating can cause us, true party girls appreciate each and every good time.

Here's to losing a little bit of sanity, living it up and loving our regrets. #Partygirlproblems: Because no good deed goes unpunished.

Getting Cut Off

This occurs multiple times in one night.

Ruining Dresses And Silk Blouses From Being Spilled On

When our dry cleaning bill is more expensive than our bar tab.

Not Making It Out Past The Pregame

Pregaming too hard, waking up and thinking you actually went out. Keep dreamin'.

Incriminating Photos On Facebook


Yeah, those will have to be taken down before we start applying for new jobs.

Resolving To Get Your Life Together Every Sunday

We're putting this off for another three years.

Breaking The Bong

How are we going to blaze away this hangover?!

Losing Credit Cards And Leaving Wallets In The Cab

Drunk Texting

...Never ends well.

Not Knowing Where We Wake Up

Falling Off The Table

Maybe even needing stitches!

Wearing Last Night's Makeup To Brunch The Next Morning

Sweating Profusely From All Out Dancing

Finding Bits And Pieces Of Our Night In Our Hair

Dollar bills, ticket stubs, late night pizza, semen...

Befriending The Bouncers

They're the guys to have on your side.

Destroying Our Feet From High Heels

Finding Drugs In Our Purses En Route To The Airport

Do we toss them? Quickly do it all before security? Decisions, decisions.

Red Cups Everywhere And The Place Smells Like Booze

Feeling Like You Can Do Anything...

Making Best Friends With A Complete Rando

Wait, what?!

Flirting After One Too Many

Those dance moves aren't going to reel him in either.

Using All Day Saturday To Rest Up For Saturday Night

Remembering Only The Beginning Of The Night

Breaking Our Cellphones

Classic. That is guaranteed to happen at least four more times this year.

Getting Laid And Not Finding The Condom

Receiving Weird Text Messages Days Later From Guys We Met At The Bar

Shady Puking At Work

Leaving Our Friends Who Didn't Get Inside

Missing An Entire Day To Nurse Our Hangovers

Hating On Someone Who Thinks They're "Raging" When They're Not

Eating Gross Crap For Late Night

Twerking To A Song In A Clothing Store

Pretty good. Pretty good.

Trying To Make It To Work On Time After A Thursday Night

It's on. BOOM.

Always Having One Stray Piece Of Glitter Stuck To Your Face

Recapping Quality Stories

Honorable Mentions:

-Passing Out With Your Shoes On And Writing On Someone's Face

-Overdressing For A Bar Night

-Crying At The Bar, Drunk Anxiety

-Knowing DJs' Faces Better Than Your Friends'

-Questioning If You're An Alcoholic Or If You Just Love To Party

-Having A Huge Fight With Your Friend And Forgetting It Ever Happened The Next Morning

-Forgoing The Pants

-Dancing Like A Maniac

-Ending Up At The Wrong Person's House

-Living Like A Vampire.