What Your Favorite Drink Says About The Makeup You Should Buy Next

My two favorite things in the world are drinking (excessively) and playing with beauty products (also excessively). I'm all about combining the two, whenever possible.

I'm not talking about doing my makeup drunk (spoiler alert, it's a terrible idea), but rather alcohol-inspired beauty. Booze hasn't always had the best relationship with beauty, especially skincare. Alcohols, which can be found in many toners and cleansers, dry out your skin.

That's not to say that all alcohol gets a bad rap with beauty junkies. Some of my favorite products are actually infused with the stuff, like whiskey lip balm and sake moisturizer.

If you're like me and count the hours until your next happy hour, these goodies just might help soothe your inner binge drinker.

If you're a Fireball shots kind of girl, try a fiery lipstick.

Celine Rahman

I don't know about you, but Fireball cinnamon whisky reminds me of late nights with my girlfriends in college dive bars. That taste is forever burned into my memory.

Try out: A lipstick inspired by the notorious drink has to be a bright orange-red. Smashbox Fireball matte lipstick is just that, except it won't set your insides on fire and force you to make a string of bad decisions.

If you're into tequila shots, try an eyeshadow with serious kick.

Celine Rahman

Tequila is the only liquor that gets me seriously messed up -- a dancing on the table, writing my number on the window of an Uber in gold marker night.

Try out: Tequila makes me totally black out. This Urban Decay matte black shadow — aptly named Blackout — is precisely what the world looks like after you down a few too many tequila shots.

If you down sake bombs like water, try a uniquely rice-y moisturizer.

Celine Rahman

The only time I ever got drunk off of sake, aka Japanese rice wine, was in an underground sake bar located in the East Village. It has a password needed for entry.

Try out: Boscia's Sake Balm, made with actual sake, has the consistency of gel-y rice porridge. The balm's flat jar makes me want to balance a shot of sake on top and chug it alongside a Red Bull.

If you're a Jack and Coke kinda girl, shake things up with cola lip balm.

Celine Rahman

Back when I had no idea what to order at a bar, I used to get Jack and Coke because it was the only drink that wasn't pink and frothy.

Try out: I don't know if it's the scent, the texture or the fact that it actually has whiskey in it, but Outlaw Soap's “Whiskey Business” lip balm nails that “fresh out of high school and craving whiskey” vibe.

If you take whiskey shots, try a hardcore approach to beauty.

Celine Rahman

You know that moment when you open something up and it smells exactly like your brain imagined? That's what using whiskey soap is like.

Try out: Outlaw Soap's Hair of the Dog is a one-two punch of whiskey with a musky masculinity. This stuff is so overwhelmingly Eau de Whiskey, I'm surprised it doesn't come with a warning.

If you're all about scotch and soda, take a gamble on a new fragrance.

Celine Rahman

My grandpa was a leathery, tanned man that loved to sip on scotch and soda when there was no vodka to be found. This one's for you, Didi.

Try out: Outlaw Soap's the Gambler. The solid cologne has hints of leather and tobacco that make it warm but decidedly old-school. It doesn't have any actual alcohol in it, so it won't dry out your skin.

If you can't live without your glass of red, apply it to your face.

Celine Rahman

I don't like red wine, because I've yet to find one that doesn't remind me of the stale stuff my old roommates kept uncorked in the fridge for months. But, some women swear by it.

Try out: You know that warm flush your cheeks get after a glass or two of red wine? That's the exact shade of the Oeno Beauty Cabernet blush stick. You won't get any real boozy flush with this stuff, as it's not made with any real-deal wine.

If you're a straight bourbon lady, moisturize with it, too.

Celine Rahman

Bourbon and I have a weird relationship. The word "bourbon" was part of my mother's JDate username for ages -- no idea why, she doesn't even like bourbon. Regardless, that association put me off bourbon forever.

Try out: Formula 55's bourbon & vanilla shea butter body cream is a dead ringer for booze in the best way. Plus, the cream is moisturizing yet not greasy, which makes it perfect to keep on your desk in the office. The stuff might not be made with bourbon, but it's as close to the real deal as the under-21 crowd can get.