Maybe There's An App For That: Half Of Women Would Rather Go Without Sex Than Give Up Their Smartphones

Let's play a game of "Would You Rather." Would you rather go a month without sex or go a month without your smartphone? One gives you pleasure and affection while the other gives you email anxiety and Instagram; yet, a recent study, conducted by Huffington Post and Real Simple, shows that nearly half of all women would rather forgo sex than their phones.

Is this because your phone can vibrate?

Maybe it's because your iPhone won't kick you out of bed in the morning or suggest you two try anal, but a startling 48 percent of women said their phones were more important to them than intimacy with another person.

And for some women, smartphones act as replacement boyfriends. One survey found that one in 20 women sleeps nestled next to her phone in bed. The survey did not account for if these women were using protection.

Just about the only place where a woman can't use her phone is in the shower. Think again. Respondents to the survey even reported purchasing a waterproof case so they could check their Twitter news feed while shaving their armpits. Now that's what I call multitasking!

Furthermore, 69 percent of those surveyed sleep with their phones in their bedrooms, and 39 percent play on their phones when they are using the bathroom. I guess this would explain a lot of accidental clit pics? Or maybe women are really just taking an absurd amount of mirror selfies.

If we paid as much attention to our work as we did to our phones, we'd definitely be more productive. The findings showed that 76 percent of women glance at their cellphones every hour and half of those cannot go 15 minutes without looking at their devices. So basically, women are thinking about their phones as much as guys are thinking about sex.

And yet, despite all the evidence to the contrary, only 27 percent of participants said they were addicted to their cellphones, which is like saying you enjoy daily binge drinking but aren't an alcoholic.

What did this study not account for? The fact that all of those participants probably just need to get laid.

Via: The Daily Mail, Photo credit: Tumblr