We Tried Painting Our Own Hair Graffiti, And Here's What Happened

Kurt Andre

Colored hair has to be my favorite hair trend of the past five years.

Long before the day I went purple, I wanted a peacock feather dyed into my hair. I knew that was close to impossible since my hair is always moving, but hey — a girl can dream, right? Flash forward to the newest trend, hair graffiti, and now my dream can finally come true.

I brought in three models and we played around with some stencils to figure out tips and tricks for stenciling your own hair. In general, hair stenciling is definitely more wearable on guys and gals who have short or shaved hairstyles. Ladies and gents with long locks — stick with posed Instagram shots only.

Materials: Colored hair spray Normal hair spray Stencils Hair cape or sheet to protect your clothes

Julia was our shapes gal.

For you long-locked blondes out there, prep your hair by separating it evenly onto either side and using hair spray to hold it in place.

Once the hairspray is dry, start layering the stencils and colorful hairspray. Spray the colorful hairspray about seven to 10 inches away from the stencil. You need to hold a stencil completely still to get crisp lines, so hair stenciling is best done when the gang is around.

We started with the white honeycombs underneath and then layered colorful triangles on top. It's clear that the deeper colors worked best on Julia's hair. For the lighter green and yellow, I recommend putting down a layer of white first, then spraying the second color on top.

Sean was up next, and I was excited to have shorter hair to work with.

Just like Julia, we prepped Sean's hair with tons of hair spray to hold his curls off to the side.

Since Sean has darker hair, we started with a layer of white hair spray. Once that dried, we went ahead and added chevron stripes in rainbow order.

We loved how this one turned out. This is a great way to show your support for LGBTQ+ Pride.

Caitlin was our last model, and gave me a run for my money.

We started by prepping her hair with hairspray and then coating it white just like Sean's. However, spraying it all white was a huge fail. There was just way too much dark hair to really get everything white, and the brighter colors that we tried to layer on top showed up very dark.

We ended up brushing all the white out and instead giving her some white poppies. Sorry long, brown-haired girls, this trend works best for lighter hair.

That being said, the subtle white flowers are extremely cute. Grab your gal pals, stencil on a few flowers and get ready to strike a pose for an epic hair stencil photo shoot.

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden Models: Sean Griffis, Julias Chaves, Caitlin Silva Photography: Chris Andre