Hair Tapestries Are The Newest Way To Dress Up Your Locks Without Dye

Hair is definitely having a moment.

From mesmerizing merman manes and grey, granny locks to all sorts of stunning hair accessories, it seems like everyone is trying to make a statement with his or her 'do these days.

A while back, we showed you the multicolored sand art hair trend.

If those dye jobs brought back sweet memories of elementary school art class, you'll be glad to know sand art hair isn't the only beauty craze that comes with some arts and crafts nostalgia.

Thanks to the new "hair tapestry" trend, you can now reminisce about your summer camp days while rocking one seriously awesome hairstyle.

Now, you're probably wondering, what the hell is hair tapestry exactly?

Well, it's kind of like those little tapestry keychain crafts you used to give to your camp crush, except it's for your hair.

This new trend basically uses embroidery thread and a spool to weave colorful designs into your locks, and trust me, it looks way more awesome than those fugly hair wraps we all regrettably got on vacation as a kid.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this creative new hair trend.

Forget the flower crowns.

There's a new, hippie-inspired accessory that's kicking those passé plant hats to the curb...

"Hair tapestries" are all the rage.

Hair tapestries are just like those crafts you used to make out of string as a kid...

Except they're for your hair, of course.

All you have to do is use some embroidery thread and a spool to weave colorful designs into your locks...

And in no time, you'll be able to show off an epic masterpiece right in your mane.

It's not hard to see why people are losing their minds over this new hairstyle.

Adding some string to your strands instantly gives you a boho-chic vibe...

And it's the perfect way to add some playful colors to your hair...

Without the commitment of dying your 'do.

Hair tapestries are unique, eye-catching accessories...

That will make you stand out at every summer festival...

And make your beach ensembles look pretty badass.

Plus, there's an endless amount of tapestry designs you can use to dress up your tresses.

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