Hair On Fleek: 3 Easy, Last-Minute Styles For Short, Natural Hair

Don't be fooled by wash-and-go natural hair.

Women who choose to tame their hair without the help of styling tools and appliances can spend half a lifetime strong-arming unruly tresses in the hopes of achieving cute, easy hairstyles.

Night-before hair prep is necessary for great next-day hair, but readying your style while paying attention to subtitles during a "Narcos" binge is not ideal. Often, you're so beat from the day, the mere thought of planning tomorrow's hairstyle is exhausting.

We get it.

Figuring out which products work best for quick styles is half the battle. But once you've assembled an assortment of hair artillery, you'll be armed for any style. What's more? You can remix most styles to fit any length.

Don't trip up on intricate styles. Here are three simple, last-minute looks for natural hair that'll get you through the day without the added stress.

What you'll need:

- Bobby pins - wide-tooth comb - paddle brush

1. The trendy hun

Embrace new trends in a hurry. What was once a cute style for tots is now a go-to look for on-the-go adults. So if you're scrambling to clock in on time, fashion your mane in this half-up-half-down way.

How to:

Draw up a small, top section of your hair and twist into a bun. If you find your hair is too short for a bun, a tiny knot will do. Comb or brush down the rest of the hair as neatly as possible and pray your boss doesn't notice your tardiness.

2. The mini pompadour

As summer hangs on, defined curls fall victim to humidity. If your natural coils won't curve on command, don't force them.

How to:

Lightly separate your hair where it naturally parts. Take the larger section and pin into a mini pompadour roll. For the smaller section, loosely twist toward the back of the mini pomp and pin in place. Make sure to tuck the ends if they stray from their one direction like Zayn Malik.

In a matter of seconds, your wild mane will go from Macy Gray to Janelle Monae.

3. The twist-and-chic bun

Don't skimp on being chic just because you're in a hurry. If you can't go casual with your hair, try a flawless style that says "I woke up like this."

How to:

Make a horizontal part as if you were doing a half ponytail. With the front section, create a side part where you hair naturally falls then pin it to ensure it stays out of your way.

Then, part the back half of your hair into three vertical sections. No need to be precise.

Twist the back middle section into a tiny bun and use a bobby pin to secure. Take the left section, twist it and wrap it around the little bun. Repeat for the right section and secure with lots of bobby pins.

For the front, flat twist the hair toward the bun. Make sure you follow the edge of your hairline.

Though it seems time consuming, this style can be achieved in less than five minutes.