Habits Of Successful Women

Women’s opinions may vary in what they consider the traits of a successful woman. Whether you base success on the length of someone’s resume, the amount of money in her checking account, or how much she’s accomplished -- there’s always some method to a woman accomplishing her goals.

What makes successful women tick? Well, that can be a loaded question. Considering that everyone judges success in different ways, we can’t really pinpoint exactly what makes everyone successful… but we can try.

Successful women have had at least one of these habits at some point, and as simple as they may seem, sometimes we all need to be reminded…

To Make Check Lists

Successful women are multitaskers. How are you going to juggle a job, a boyfriend, friends and, eventually, a family (if that’s what you’re into) if you don’t make a proper checklist? It’s important to maintain some sort of order in your life. Being organized is a characteristic of successful people everywhere, and organizing your time is the most important factor. Try keeping a daily and weekly to-do list so you can actually see what needs to be prioritized and what can wait until a later time.

To Not Always Be Nice

Being nice is great. I hope that you all have a kind heart, but this doesn’t mean that you have to always use it. You’re never going to get ahead if you’re incapable of giving constructive criticism, feedback, bad news or a piece of your mind. If you’re always viewed as the woman who smiles and keeps her mouth shut through everything, you may as well lie down and call yourself a doormat.

To Use Your Manners

Be firm, but also, be polite. You have to find the perfect balance between being the assertive bitch and the sweetheart. No matter how formal or informal a situation may be, handle it with grace, kindness and thoughtfulness. Making a habit of saying please and thank you goes a long way.

To Be Prompt And Proactive

Don’t expect to make any leads in life if you’re late or if you passively wait for something to come your way. Make the effort, go the extra mile and always get places early.

Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?

Photo credit: Getty Images