Grub, Exercise And Get Laid: How Every Gen-Y Girl Can Eat, Pray, Love It

Let’s face it: we can’t all be as fortunate as Julia Robert’s character was in the movie adaptation of the best-seller book, “Eat, Pray, Love.” For one thing, she has the ability to drop everything, including her job, and travel to three different exotic locations without any source of additional income. Financing that trip alone would be a challenge.

And for another, we would never leave James Franco in our cozy apartment bed to do some soul-searching. No, the only searching we’d be doing would be in and around his body….

Perhaps what this woman needed to do was eat, pray and suck it up?

We understand the restless feeling of needing to escape, take a break and recharge your batteries. Especially after a tough breakup or a demoralizing experience at work, it can feel as if the only option left is to run away or reinvent yourself.

But before we get too dramatic, remember that you are not Julia Roberts, and your problems aren’t so dire that you have to hop on the next plane to Europe, gain fifteen pounds, become a born-again religious believer, and then have a man make you feel better about yourself.

So where can we go, or better yet, what can we do to clear our heads and get back on track? It’s called grub, exercise and get laid.


We’re not trying to advocate obesity here, but sometimes after a particularly terrible time, the best, most instantly satisfying solution is to chow your face off. You know what we’re talking about – grab the sweatpants and big t-shirt, bras are optional, get your diner on speed-dial and bring on the grilled cheese and French fries. They call it “comfort food” for a reason!

There is actually some science behind this theory that eating makes you feel better, and good news if you have a killer sweet tooth. Chocolate, in particular, contains N-acylethanolamine, which is a group of chemicals that stimulates the brain to release endorphins. And as you and Elle Woods both know, endorphins make you happy! Congratulations, here’s a research-backed rationalization for finishing that tub of Chunky Monkey with extra helpings of fudge and cocoa nibs.

Alternatively, if indulging in your junk food of choice doesn’t do your body good (and let’s be real, it kind of doesn’t), then we suggest splurging on a supremely gourmet restaurant that you’ve been dying to try. Take a page from our "Eat, Pray, Love" heroine, load up on the high-quality carbs, and go all out. You’ll quickly forget that your life sucks when you’re treating yourself to a “Top Chef” worthy meal.

Forget chicken soup -- letting yourself go every once in a while is good for the soul. It reminds you to live a little, which is exactly what eat, pray and loving is all about.


Point blank: there is no downside to going to the gym. Especially after that weeklong food fest, it’s time to get back on track. When you look good, you feel even better. Having a solid body is like taking a confidence pill – you can pretty much do whatever you want because you feel on top of the world. And in the world we live in today, no one is going to stop a good-looking girl from being a boss. Just ask Emily Ratajkowski.

Working out does really lift your spirits, even if you don’t achieve a six-pack overnight. A mere thirty minutes of moving your body is not only instant gratification, but also a big f*ck you to the rest of society who’s too busy complaining that they should go for a walk, instead of actually doing it. And there’s nothing we love more than sticking it to the man!

Use your hardship as fuel to keep pushing yourself. It’s easy to sit and wallow about your current crappy situation, but the act of actually getting up and motivating yourself to fix it is far more rewarding. Everyone can appreciate a hot body, it’s time people start fawning over yours. There is truly no bigger high than feeling absolutely flawless in a basic white tee and jeans (and this is coming from a big group of stoners).

Make fitness your own version of “me” time. Just as the Eat, Pray, Love protagonist took time for herself by meditating, find your mental peace by exercising. Put your cellphone away, crank up the music, and allow yourself to be in the moment. You’ll feel a lot more fulfilled than retreating to the confines of your couch.


Now that you have your slamming body, here’s where the fun part comes: taking off all your clothes and flaunting it. Even if you don’t have the assets you want, getting your groove on will definitely make your life more gnarly, and what you need right now is to get out of your funk (...see what we did there?).

Instead of looking for love or relying on someone else to make your own happiness, do yourself a solid and have sex first. No one found a partner by putting penis on a pedestal.

We’re big fans of improving your mood through improvisation...if you get our idea. There’s nothing that a great lay can’t solve, or at least make you feel better about. You know you love that glowing, happy, shiny emotion that follows a super satisfying sexual experience. You literally strut your stuff on the street, smiling wide as you recall the evening you just had. It’s your fun little secret you have with yourself that puts the pep in your step (that is, until you share it with all your girlfriends).

The easiest way to find a…er, release, is to let loose in the bedroom. We know we don’t have to sell you on the merits of having sex; it’s pretty obvious why we all enjoy it. Don’t hold back and get a little physical – in every sense of the word!

What we’re saying is that you don’t need to travel all the way to Bali to find Javier Bardem to tell you that you are incredible. Regardless of what happened back there or what your future holds, it doesn’t change the fact you are your own person, and that person happens to be fabulous.

Top photo credit: Eat, Pray, Love