Fox News Anchor Goes On Air Without Makeup To Bring Light To 'Sexualized Culture' (Video)

Last Friday, Gretchen Carlson, host of Fox's "The Real Story," went makeup-free to discuss real female role models and promote natural looking women.

Sitting in a makeup chair as her segment was about to air, Carlson described the moment as something that's "never happened before on cable news." When she returned from the commercial break, she was on-camera and makeup-free, referring to it as the "first time in cable news" an anchor woman went without any touching up.

Carlson wants to empower young girls with a strong, determined female and not a phony representation of one. She said, "These days, it’s not easy to empower your tween daughter to become a confident young woman.

Toy companies like Bratz giving dolls hourglass figures, sultry looks, and minidresses. Abercrombie designing push-up bikinis for teens. Let’s look at positive role models in the fight to let girls be girls."

Gretchen Carlson does have an important message: are we pushing female sexuality at too young an age? Clothing companies, toy companies, and even everyday commercials feature skewed tween girls and photoshopped bodies. Do eleven-year-olds really need thongs and padded bras?

To further prove her point, Carlson invited a toy company owner as a guest on her show. She also went makeup-free to support Carlson and her female movement.

So what will it take to finally inspire tween girls with positive role models and self-esteem? New York City recently launched a campaign aimed at boosting children's confidence, but this is just a first step in pushing an important cause.

Would you go makeup free on national television?

H/t: MSN