Fempathy: 23 Mistakes Girls Will Always Forgive Other Girls For Making

In girl world, there's a ton of unwritten rules all females will abide by, regardless of the relationship between them.

If a girl you don't even know is in the bathroom desperately searching for a tampon, and you only have one left, you know you give it to her.

There are no hesitations or rationalizations, you help this sister out, and the female karma gods will eventually repay you.

Serving up a tampon during a crisis is just one specific example of females helping females.

There are tons of other situations, especially emotional, that hit much closer to home, when you just have to let a friend off the hook or throw her a bone (literally).

Why? Because there are just certain things we women all do from time to time, and thus, we all need to let it slide.

Life isn't about holding grudges; it's about overcoming obstacles, moving forward and creating stronger relationships.

So what are some of the things all women will excuse other women for doing, at least for the most part?

1. Not saying certain sh*t to your face

This isn't to say sh*t talking is forgiven, but rather hard-to-breach topics, like tension in the friendship.

It's only natural to want an outsider's opinion, but you have to make sure you eventually bring the topic up to the people it directly involves.

2. Borrowing and not returning a top

We're all beyond guilty of borrowing a friend's clothing item and "forgetting" to return it.

Every girl has that one go-to outfit in her friend's closet that, after borrowing, she holds on to for as long as possible.

3. Crying at the bar

Crying at a bar is never a good look, but sadly it's one we've all had plastered across our face at one time or another.

Everyone knows how sh*tty it is when you're stuck dealing with this on your own, so help your friend out because sooner or later, you will need her help too.

4. Stealing your look

Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but that's primarily when it comes from strangers.

Is there anything more annoying than having your best friend jack your style? Oh wait, there is...

5. Wearing that outfit first

If you're going to steal someone else's look, at least have the common courtesy to wear it second. But I guess all is fair in friendship and fashion.

6. Getting engaged first

Must be nice to get all the congratulatory statuses and picture posts! Make me a bridesmaid, and we'll call it even, OK?

7. Getting too drunk and needing to be taken care of

It's basically a rule of friendship that if someone gets a little too schwasty at the bar, someone has to take her home.

You'd want someone to do it for you, so just do it for her. Make sure to take 15 different Snapstory videos, however, to encourage her to never do it again.

8. Putting up a photo you look great in, and everyone else looks like sh*t

Everyone is happy to let you bask in the glory during this one, but just remember, what goes around comes around.

9. Embarrassing your friends in front of guys you were trying to impress

As long as you're low-key paying for the drinks, you can embarrass me to no end.

10. Pawning off the ugly guy

The awkward moment when your friend throws you under the bus so she can snag the hottie while you're stuck entertaining his ugly friend.

11. Losing track of a friendship because you got a boyfriend

As long as you own up to it and try to change it, there's no reason to ever hold a grudge over something so stupid.

12. Forcing me to break my diet because you wanted french fries

I'll pretend to be mad at you, but I'm secretly thanking you on the inside.

13. Taking 60 versions of the same picture

This is just flat-out embarrassing for everyone involved... but we've all done it, so you're forgiven.

14. Making the group spend money on a taxi because you wore heels

And this is perhaps why everyone else wore flats...

15. Getting me addicted to a guilty pleasure TV show

Well, now you can get mad at me for being asocial!

16. Cropping me out

I may have made it when you posted this picture on Instagram, but I sure as hell didn't make it when you put it up as your Facebook default. It's OK — I'll get you back one day.

17. Forcing me to go to a really lame party for the sake of a guy

I'll just stand here in a corner while you lay the foundation for the sex you will definitely be having tonight.

Don't mind me though because, thanks to you, I have a great show on Netflix to catch up on when you finally give me permission to leave.

18. Complaining about being out of shape and doing nothing about it

Is there any way to have this conversation without it being awkward? No, seriously, let me know...

19. Making everyone listen to you bitch about your ex only to get back with him again

The worst part of this is EVERY SINGLE person you've done this to has also done this to someone else.

20. Telling the harsh truth

The hardest things to say are usually the ones that need to be said the most.

21. Forcing that shot that threw everyone over the edge

I blame my blackout on you. But I also ate an entire pie of Domino's, so I'll consider this a victory.

22. Icing everyone out when you were in a funk

How do you expect to get out of a funk if you aren't reaching out to your friends? They are literally the only ones who are going to help you get back on track.

23. Taking your issues out on me, but not telling me why

Part of a friendship contract is you will be the punching bag when need be. Just be sure not to take this too far.

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