Girls In The Fall On Instagram Vs. Girls In The Fall In Real Life, The Filter Is Real

Fall isn't just the primetime season for pumpkin spice lattes, it's also the unofficial season for girls to reign over Instagram.

Between back-to-school impressions and fall dressing, there are hundreds of excuses as to why girls are posting more than ever.

Don't be fooled by the saturated colors and exotic filters. We all know that what you see on Instagram is not an accurate depiction of someone's reality.

From leather jackets to fall foliage, here is what girls in the fall are like on Instagram versus real life.

Instagram: Being a total kid again! #NoFilter

Real Life: Eff this never-ending pile of leaves on the sidewalk

Instagram: "Just a day just an ordinary day." - Vanessa Carlton #FallFashion

Real Life: #FallFashion

Instagram: My life is better than yours #Blessed

Real Life: Real life.

Instagram: #NotSoBasic Brunch

Real Life: I'm so hungover I can't get out of bed #SeamlessSundays

Instagram: Fall veggies from the local farmers' market for dinner. I'm a chef!

Real Life: I am not domesticated

Instagram: Jeff Koons exhibit #SundayFunday

Real Life: Exhibit A... My bedroom

Instagram: Sweaters are for cuddling

Real Life: I wish I had someone to cuddle me

Instagram: Layering for the pros

Real Life: I can't stop sweating underneath all these layers

Instagram: PSLs

Real Life: Pumpkin spice

Instagram: #365 Tan, the filter is real

Real Life: Beginning the pale descent

Instagram: High boots are everything

Real Life: I haven't shaved my legs in weeks

Instagram: Football Sundays with my boo

Real Life: I have no idea what's going on

Instagram: Flavored autumn spice candles

Real Life: It smells like a Bath & Body Works horse barn in here

Instagram: Morning run!

Real Life: Not happening

Instagram: Halloween heaux

Real Life: Halloween heaux

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr