A 20-Something Girl's Real Life Vs. Her Social Media Life, The Filter Is Real

We're all guilty of it -- purposely posting misleading photos and statuses to portray a certain image of ourselves in the social media world.

With the rise of filters and geotags and photoshop, it's hard to discriminate between what is real life and what's all for Instagram.

A 20-something girl's life is definitely exciting, but it's not all hashtags and rainbows and pool parties and hard bodies (even though we desperately try to portray it that way).

Because it's so easy to fool everyone on social media, here's a 20-something girl's real life versus her glorified, heavily-edited Instagram life.

Social Media Life: Look at me, I am so fun!

Real Life: I’m so boring

Social Media Life: Look at all the cookies and ice cream that I'm about to eat!

Real Life: I didn't eat any of this

Social Media Life: Check out all these girls in my photos

Real Life: I have no friends

Social Media Life: Check me out, running this marathon

Real Life: I hate working out

Social Media Life: #NoFilter

Real Life: I am 10 pounds overweight

Social Media Life: Shots and selfies!

Real Life: This club could not have been more lame

Social Media Life: Snaps from NY Fashion Week!

Real Life: I was there for work and no one spoke to me

Social Media Life: Beyoncé up close and personal!

Real Life: I sat in the bleachers

Social Media Life: Weekday at the beach, playing hooky!

Real Life: I'm jobless

Social Media life: At the big game with a beer! #Gameday

Real Life: I have no idea who is winning

Social Media Life: Happy birthday boo! Miss you! xx

Real Life: How pretty do I look in these photos?

Social Media Life: I cut my hair!

Real Life: I need someone to tell me that I'm beautiful

Social Media Life: Me and my boyf, casually in love and happier than you

Real Life: We just had an epic fight

Social Media Life: How cute is my puppy?!

Real Life: How cute is my puppy?!

Social Media Life: Check me out at the most exclusive Soho House in Miami

Real Life: I slept with the bouncer

Social Media Life: Look at me at Coney Island!

Real Life: I just came for the photo op

Social Media Life: Brunch with my besties

Real Life: I am so hungover

Social Media Life: Check out this good cause I donated to #Charity

Real Life: I need people to “like” this post so I can keep my job

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It