Girl Recites Powerful Poem About The Desire And Expectation To Be Skinny (Video)

by Katie Gonzalez

If you've ever questioned society's obsession with skinny, then this spoken word poem is not to be missed.

Through clever rhymes, this poem brings out the juxtaposition between what so many women publicly acknowledge — that it's OK to have cellulite, that we should enjoy food instead of counting calories — and what we actually think: We all want to be skinny.

"I don't conform to society's rules but it sure would be nice to look thin by the pool." "I'm tubby and proud I say out loud, but staring at my fat is not allowed."

The poem is definite food for thought (pun intended) for those of us who want to be happy and healthy as we are, but can't help also wanting to fit under the normalized conventions of pretty and thin.