24 Things A Girl Will Always Secretly Miss About Her Ex-Boyfriend

by Elite Daily Staff

Your ex might have sucked, but his taste in new music was definitely on point. Ex-boyfriends aren't really good for anything except reminding you of a time when all your meals were paid for.

This thought hurts worse than the breakup did.

When the perks of being in a relationship outweigh the person with whom you're in a relationship, it's really hard to let go. You mean we won't have a friend who owns an X-Box?! That is truly devastating.

You might not miss your ex. But you certainly miss that hoodie. Here are the 23 things a girl will always miss about her ex-boyfriend.

1. His over-sized college sweatshirt

The one that you spent all day wearing in. You had more of a relationship with that hoodie than you did with him.

Many a sweatshirt will come close -- but never quite be -- that mushy soft faded blue zip-up with his school’s emblem that you once spilled your iced coffee all over and panicked to clean. Ah, the memories.

 2. The arguments that you had just to have

Your fake fights over what movie to go see or restaurant to dine in were kind of the best because they always ended in laughter and makeup sex.

It’s nice knowing that someone cares about the little stuff just as much as you do.

3. That one family member you loved as much as you did him

Whose loss were you really mourning post-breakup? Him or his sister/mom/dad/brother? You genuinely enjoyed visiting his home because that meant late night games of catch in the backyard or deep talks in the faded glow of the kitchen light with his mom.

Or, you know, you could have really hated that b*tch. And in that case, you have a ton of bad birthday present jewelry to sell on E-bay.

4. The way he slept perfectly next to you

After a bad day, there is nothing like coming home to someone who wants to make it better.

Knowing that there is a man out there who tends to your happiness more than you care about your own is rare and special. You don’t need a man, but it’s certainly nice to have one.

5. His best guy friend who low-key hit on you

Perhaps the only attention more well-received than your boyfriend’s at that time was his best friend’s, who conveniently lived one door away from him.

They say nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, but honestly, nothing tastes as good as the satisfaction of knowing his own best friend would betray him -- for you.

6. Your favorite place that you introduced to him, and subsequently went to all the time together

Whether it was a breakfast hideaway or tucked away park, you want it back to being yours. You two made it “your spot” and now you can’t revisit it on your own anymore.

7. His lingering cologne on your pillow

Scent memory is real. The way he smelled will always be sweet to you. Even if he wasn’t.

8. Having that rent-free second apartment

Wasn’t it fun to crash at his place, like a grown-up slumber party? There was someone to go fetch you water or make sure the fridge was stocked with beers.

It’s kind of like having a vacation house -- not a bad gig.

9. The way he called you before you went to sleep

You know, the ones you have as you’re lying in bed, happy doing nothing except listening to his voice and enjoying the way he makes you laugh.

You miss those phone calls in which you’d start talking at 10 and somehow it’d magically turn into midnight. They differentiate the real thing from the phonies.

10. The dog

This one hit us all hard. Skippy was perfect.

11. That one dish he knew how to cook

Sometimes you can taste the simmering tomato sauce in your mouth. You’ve tried to replicate it, but like his comfy hoodie, you can’t quite get it to taste the same. And let’s not get started on his mom’s brownies…

12. The birthday gifts

Does it really matter that your friends helped him pick it out? He gave great swag, and you could really use a new scarf right now...

13. The trips you used to plan together

...Or pretended that you would go on together, but you (in the couple sense) didn’t last long enough to actually materialize. Fiji would have been nice.

14. Seeing something that reminds you of him and not being able to tell him even though you’d know he would laugh and appreciate it

It’s better this way.

15. His drug stash

It was fun just to look at, okay? It gave us -- DELETE -- him an edge.

16. The way he made you laugh

His jokes might have been cheesy (which is something you eventually started to hate in him), but every now and then you miss a “Whoever stole my Microsoft Office is in trouble. You have my Word,” pun.

17. All the stuff he knew that you didn't

Someone needed to recap the State of the Union address to you and break down the upcoming elections.

It was like having your own Bill Maher, except without the grey hair and with actual sex.

18. The way he would insist on driving you everywhere

The only thing you miss riding is in his car. You miss having wheels to take you literally down the block.

Embarking on road-trippy summer weekend excursions was the absolute best.

19. The Nook

You know what we’re talking about. The cushiony space where arm meets chest that you fit perfectly against (and would sometimes emerge from smelling like his armpit). Body pillows just don’t do the trick.

20. The friends you made because of him

Pregames with his friends and your friends made everyone happy. It wasn’t so much about hanging out with him as it was hanging out with his friends.

21. The people he would introduce you to

He either "knew a guy" for every task or was able to take care of things himself. Your ex really hooked things up for you -- kind of like your very own personal assistant.

22. His off-beat taste in music

He had the best insight into up-and-coming artists and introduced you to The XX before the rest of the world knew of them. His playlists were more valuable to you than actually being with him.

Now, you rely on replaying the same ones over and over again and hoping that he doesn’t notice you stalk him on Spotify.

23. The boxers that he took back

You washed them. No judgment.

24. The stupid, little inside jokes you shared

There will probably never be another time when pencil erasers crack you up. This isn’t a bad thing.