Gigi Hadid's Latest Outfit Proves She Misses The '90s As Much As You Do

Gigi Hadid is known for many things -- having a famous mom, sister and friends, a smoking hot boyfriend -- but not her nerdy ways. Today, she's proving she can Comic-Con with the best of them.

Thanks to New York's cold-as-sh*t spring temperatures, Hadid's been spotted around the city today wearing a pink hat in the style of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" Pink Ranger. It's basically everything I wanted as a 6-year-old. Now that I think back on it, Kimberly Hart could have fostered my feminist awakening.

Who doesn't love a lady who kicks ass and looks good in a catsuit?


This is all very intriguing, because Hadid lobbied to play the Pink Ranger in the series' film adaptation way back in 2014.

She even sent out tweets to her fans, asking them spread #GigiForPinkRanger. During the Balmain 2015 Fashion Week show, bestie Kendall Jenner revealed Hadid even referred to her high-fashion ensemble as a "Power Ranger suit."

The fangirl part of me wants to believe this is Hadid's way of making a sly casting announcement, but according to the official Instagram for 2017's Power Rangers movie, they've already got a Kimberly. Hadid, I guess, will just have to settle for her supermodel career, dreamy boyfriend and cherubic looks.