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Gigi Hadid And Zayn Are The Hottest Couple Ever In Their New Vogue Shoot

Hey, what'd you do this weekend? Order Domino's and watch Netflix? That's cool.

Well, while you were doing that, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik spent a super glamorous weekend in Naples doing this gorgeous photo shoot for Vogue.

The photos from the shoot will come out in Vogue's May issue, along with Gigi Hadid's cover for the magazine.

But they're also available for staring at enviously right now via a slideshow on Vogue's website. Vogue released them this morning in response to the photos circulating ahead of schedule on Twitter.

It looks like Gigi and Zayn had an amazing and sexy time. It must be nice to be beautiful and have money!

I am very much digging the leather-jacket-and-shades look Zayn is rocking on this motorcycle.

Ugh, we get it already, your lives are perfect!

Congratulations to Gigi and Zayn for their beautiful love and also just their beautiful faces in general. I'll just be over here taking the bus back to my terrible apartment.

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