32 Highs And Lows Of Getting Completely Drunk With Your Best Friend

by Ashley Fern

Getting drunk with your best friend is an experience in and of itself. It takes us on wild and ridiculous adventures with the one person we trust with our lives — Hmm, maybe this is the reason we are totally comfortable getting obliterated with her.

We really don't have a care in the world other than ensuring we have a sustainable amount of alcohol to get us through the night we have ahead. And with a bottle of tequila, wine or vodka and our BFF, what more do we even really need?

I guess the Uber app would come in handy so that the world is really your oyster. But as fun as these nights out together can be they can also prove to be quite dangerous and eye-opening.

For some reason, once the booze starts flowing, the word vomit does too. This creates and perpetuates a vicious cycle that will take place over the duration of your evening — laugh, drink, cry and repeat -- aka the highs and lows of our night.

So what does this cycle really look like? Well...

1. High: You treat your friend to a $10 bottle of wine

This is quite the upgrade from your usual $6 bottle from Trader Joe's.

2. Low: It might be out of a bottle, but it tastes like it's out of a box

Throwback to those college days of chugging Franzia straight from the box.

3. High: You have both relinquished any and all inhibitions

Isn't that the point of drinking?

4. Low: You both decide it's a smart decision to pee outside the bar, resulting in an arrest for public urination

So is that a felony? Will your employers find out about this? What exactly happens next...?

5. High: You can reminisce about all of your favorite stories

Is there anything better than reminiscing about the glory days over a nice, strong drink?

6. Low: You accidentally revealed a secret you've been keeping for years

As long as it doesn't have to do with sleeping with her current boyfriend, you should be in the clear.

7. High: You don't have to wear heels

Who are you trying to impress? Exactly!

8. Low: You're not the one getting hit on

So much for ladies' night...

9. High: You both want to pregame to spend as little money out as possible

Why pay $15 for a glass of wine when you can drink an entire bottle in your apartment for the low cost of $10? Why do people even bother drinking at bars?

10. Low: You got too drunk and never left your apartment

I guess there really is something called too much of a good time.

11. High: You can be yourself because you are fully comfortable with each other

There is really nothing better than sipping on a strong beverage while letting your guard down.

12. Low: When you decide you want to be somebody else, she blows up your spot

So much for trying to convince that guy at the bar you are a lawyer from Boston. Thanks a lot to your friend who just revealed you are nothing more than an office secretary.

13. High: You can get as embarrassingly drunk with her as you please

This is a judgment-free zone, and thank God for that.

14. Low: You got so embarrassingly drunk, you don't even remember hanging out with her

But isn't this a great excuse to do it again next week?

15. High: You finally have a wingwoman to go out with

There really is no better accessory than a solid wingwoman.

16. Low: Awkwardly, you end up solo

Well, that backfires when you're the one who ends up chilling at the bar by herself.

17. High: You romanticize how much you love each other

If you didn't drink, how would your friends know you love them at 2 am?

18. Low: It will inevitably dissolve into tears

So much for putting on a fresh face of makeup and keeping it on the entire night.

19. High: You're honest, so you make sure you both look the best you possible could

You and your friend are real and honest — there are no false and backward compliments other people use to ensure they are the best looking of the bunch.

20. Low: You get drunk and reveal how much better she looks than you

It may be a low for you, but it's definitely a high for her.

21. High: You're good enough friends, you can share clothes

It's a way to reinvent your wardrobe without spending a dollar.

22. Low: You're never seeing those items back in your closet ever again

Too bad you and your apparel will never reunite again, unless of course she wears it in front of you.

23. High: You take the best picture of your life

Let's be honest — this is really why you went out in the first place.

24. Low: How low your like-to-minute ratio is

Is it too late to delete it?

25. High: You're on your third drink, and you're on top of the world

See! You can figure out your limits.

26. Low: You're on your sixth shot and can't even remember either of your names

Ha. Just kidding — what are limits anyway?

27. High: When it's finally time to hit the pizza place

It's the moment you've both been waiting for.

28. Low: How awful and gross you feel when you finally finish it

And thus begins the exclamation that your diet will restart on Monday.

29. High: You're feeling like you're a 10 tonight

Oh yes, tonight is the night.

30. Low: The only lipstick you are reapplying is from your red glass of wine

As long as it's not on your teeth, what's the problem?

31. High: You both claim to want a semi-casual night out

Isn't this how it always starts?

32. Low: You get your ass thrown out of a Dave and Buster's and every bar after

If you never tell anyone this happened, did it ever really happen?

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