3 Ways Both Sexes Can Productively Promote Gender Equality

by Alina Kuhl

Today the UN Women's Department announced in a press release its launch the 10x10x10 initiative, and Emma Watson once again spoke up for gender equality, and it that includes men.

The 10x10x10 initiative “aims to engage governments, corporations and universities as instruments of change” to help the #heforshe movement reach gender equality.

Emma Watson tells us about the positive feedback she has already received and invites people from all over the world to share stories of how they participate in the movement.

I strongly believe in male feminism, and I, too, think that gender equality is a topic that concerns everyone, but as Emma Watson voiced, the question we all have is “what now?”

Everyone has his or her own personal ways to contribute to this movement, but I would like to share some of my ideas of how you can help aid the goals of the UN Women Department.

Find a mentor

When you graduated college, or in my case, still attend, there are so many things that you don’t know.

Who do you want to become after you graduate? How will you get a job afterward? How do you stand out among all the other graduates?

A mentor can be very helpful in answering all these questions. A mentor shouldn't be someone who gives you your first job or an internship, but rather, someone who is experienced in the sector you want to work in or in a sector you would like to at least check out.

This person can answer all your questions, and he or she can also give you some perspective and share his or her experiences with you.

Build a network

One big difference between men and women, when it comes to gaining success, is that men are not afraid to build networks. They are usually better at socializing, especially when it suits their career goals. Women need to do that, too.

Go to social events, speak to as many people as possible and share your ambitions. Maybe there are some people in the crowd who can help you later in life, or you can help each other.

From my personal experience, men are more confident in situations like this, but why not go to the most confident man in the room and ask him for advice regarding how to present yourself?

And, if you are a man reading this, why not take your female friends with you to such events and introduce them to others? This one way to help women become more successful, and it’s not even that hard, right?

Don’t be afraid

This advice is very personal to me. I was always afraid to try new things or apply for jobs I want because I was afraid of failing.

To be honest, I’m not sure if this is a typically female problem or just my problem, but just let me say, don’t be afraid. As soon as I started trying, things started to work out. Hey, I even write for Elite Daily now.

So, I ask all the women reading this what I asked myself: What is the worst that can happen? Maybe you won’t get the job you want and maybe you won’t pass the course, but at least you tried and the next time, you will know better.

And, what if it does work out? It will build up more confidence so you will be less and less afraid with every new challenge.

To learn these things, many men in my life have helped me by encouraging me and believing in me. My dad, who never once doubted me, always told me I could be whomever I wanted to be. This made me believe in myself.

Also, I have some great male friends who support my decisions and like to look out for me. Of course, it is much easier to stand up for yourself when you know there is someone there to catch you in case you fall.

So, this is what I ask all the men out there: Will you give the women in your life all the support they need? Do they always know you have their back? Do you treat women with all the respect they deserve?

I think we can reach gender equality, and I strongly believe that the little step count just as much as the big ones.