This Is Our Dictionary: 8 Phrases All 20-Something Women Can't Live Without

by Ashley Fern

The women of Gen-Y have a language all their own. For the most part, it is comprised of exaggerated terms that have no actual bearing on present circumstances.

Phrases such as "I'm dying" or "I literally can't" plague our conversations on the reg and honestly we wouldn't have it any other way. Our friends know exactly what we mean when we speak in abbreviated sentences because they are doing the exact same thing.

A few of these go-to phrases have multiple meanings. The context in which they occur will let you know exactly which version you or your friend are using. There is no clarification ever needed because the activity or circumstance they are referring to will make it obvious.

What are these phrases Gen-Y women can't live without? Well, here you go...

Don't Judge Me

What it means: to judge; the act of scrutinizing a person's peculiar circumstances

Why we use it: This is the phrase that is uttered before a girl is about to tell/ask/explain something extremely odd to one of her friends. It really doesn’t matter if your friend is going to judge you or not as long as you throw that introduction before whatever it is you are about to disclose. This basically eliminates the bizarre factor in regards to the entire situation.

Used in a sentence: “Don’t judge me... (you tell your roommate as you walk into the bathroom with iPad in hand). (1)” “Don’t judge me but I totally went home with him... again (2)”; “Don’t judge me but I just ate FOUR whole slices of pizza. (3)” (OMG, end of the world.)

Synonyms: I know this is weird but...

I Literally Can’t

What it means: the act of, literally, not being able to function; to be overwhelmed by circumstance

Why we use it (1): Let’s be honest -- you most likely can, but don’t want to. This term is often used when a female is faced with some sort of activity she is finding it difficult to handle at that given moment.

Why we use it (2): The second way this favorite phrase is used is when something sooo crazy or funny is happening and she just can't handle it.

Used in a sentence: “I literally can’t go to the gym right now because I’m so hungover. (1)" "Why would you get back with Chris? I literally can't deal with you anymore. (2)"

Synonyms: I can't deal, I can't, I can't even, No, Stop, OMG

I Don't Mean To Be A Bitch But...

What it means: the act of not being a bitch, but having bitchy things to say

Why we use it: to preface and excuse the bitchy comment that is sure to follow

Used in a sentence: "I don't mean to be a bitch, but that is the ugliest effing skirt I have ever seen."

Synonyms: No offense

I'm Dying

What it means: I'm Dying; Dead: The act of literally cannot-ing

Why we use it (1): to express how sh*tty and hungover we feel; this is usually expressed over text or Gchat

Why we use it (2): similar/interchangeable with the second way we use the second version of "I literally can't"

Used in a sentence: "Why would we ever go out on a weeknight? I'm dying right now. (1)" "He just sent me the most ridiculous text, I'm dying. (2)"

Synonyms: I'm so hungover


What it means: To tell the harsh truth

Why we use it: To reveal a harsh true that is 99 percent f*cked up, but we are using the fact that it is true to excuse our rudeness

Used in a conversation: "Honestly he was too good for her anyway," "OMG Amber!" "You were thinking it." "But you said it!"

Synonyms: Truthfully


What it means: A situation in which you are caught off-guard, something resembling running into your ex-boyfriend with his hot new girlfriend while you are sporting last night's makeup and sweatpants

Why we use it: Because we have nothing else constructive to say

Used in a sentence: "I just ran into Jason with his new girlfriend and LOOK AT ME!" "Awkward..."

Synonyms: Embarrassing


What it means: F*ck my life

Why we use it: To express and exaggerate our unfortunate circumstances

Used in a sentence: "I just spilled coffee all over my new blouse FML!"

Synonyms: F*ck me, kill me


What it means: The opposite of seriously

Why we use it: To emphasize how important the topic of discussion is regardless if using this term makes sense whatsoever

Used in a sentence: "Seriously she bought the same jeans I wore last weekend?"

Synonyms: Is that a joke?

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