$195 Smart Ring Connects To Your Phone To Solve (Most Of) Your Problems

Ladies, drop those iPhones.

Don't literally drop them, though... That sh*t's expensive.

There's a new tool in town that aims to help you simplify your life, without ever missing an email or calendar appointment.

When your phone is lost in the black hole that is the bottom of your tote bag during happy hour, there's no way you'll hear it ringing.

That leads to an inevitable spat with your best friend who's waiting outside the bar with no idea whether you're running late or already sipping a beer.

To solve what we like to call phone-in-bag syndrome, a company called Ringly stepped in. Its gold-plated, gemstone-faceted smart ring connects to your phone (both iOS and Android), your calendar and apps like Uber. Just set the sophisticated piece to vibrate or flash a discrete light customized for each notification.

The company, founded by eBay veteran Christina Mercando, just launched its newest ring, "Out To Sea."

With a navy lapis gemstone cut so no two are the same, the ring sounds nearly too good to be true.

There's only one question: Is it worth the hefty $195 price tag? It's nothing compared to the Apple Watch, which starts at $349, but it's not exactly the cost of a casual piece of costume jewelry.

I tried out the Ringly for a weekend, toting it to Friday night drinks and a Saturday all-day celebration at my alma mater.

Surprisingly, the piece's most useful benefit was the option to have it vibrate when I moved out of Bluetooth range of my iPhone.

I'm notorious for leaving my keys, phone and license behind without a second thought, so the Ringly was useful in holding me together.

In a busy bar, I had no problem recognizing the four vibrations indicating a phone call, and I was able to connect with my group immediately.

However, Ringly's flashing light was jarring in the dark. Every time it flashed blue or green, my friends stopped talking to stare at me.

One other caveat: If you're sensitive to certain metals, Ringly might not be the right pick for you. Although it features 18K matte gold plating, I found itchy bumps forming along my ring finger.

After a brief email exchange, I discovered the ring has "a very small amount of nickel plating," according to the brand. However, its statement revealed plans for a completely nickel-free version in the future.

If the Apple Watch isn't your style (or you really need to pay rent on time), then Ringly is an undeniably chic alternative.

The Ringly wants to make your whole life a lot easier.