10 Pairs Of Funky Socks That Say So Much About Your Personality (Photos)

Socks are a great outlet for personal expression. Even under a suit you can still channel your love for gingerbread men.

We already know people who wear crazy socks are rebellious, intriguing and successful.

Socks don't discriminate. Whoever you are, there's a pair for you.

For the guy who can't stop talking about how f*cked up he gets.

Celine Rahman

Buy: 40s (Red), 40s & Shorties, $12

For the girl who overuses emoji.

Celine Rahman

Buy: Crying Of Laughter Emoji Socks, Jewelerry, $5

For your girl who loves to twerk.

Celine Rahman

Buy: Twerk (White Girl), 40s & Shorties, $12

For the girl who dresses to the nines.

Celine Rahman

Buy: Roll Top Glitter Socks, Topshop, $6

For the girl who won't turn down for selfies.

Celine Rahman

Buy: Selfie, 40s & Shorties, $12

For the artsy chick.

Celine Rahman

Buy (left): Mona Lisa Socks, Hot Sox, $6

Buy (right): Birth Of Venus Socks, Hot Sox, $8

For the girl who knows the rap game like the back of her hand.

Celine Rahman

Buy: Eazy, 40s & Shorties, $12

For the holiday hype beast.

Celine Rahman

Buy: Gingerbread Man Socks, Urban Outfitters, $8

For the girl who takes her shoes off at the club.

Celine Rahman

Buy: Tie Dye Flip Flop Socks, Jewelerry, $5

For your boyfriend, who's still a kid inside.

Celine Rahman

Buy: Bart Mooning Sock, Urban Outfitters, $8

For the girl who's obsessed with the Kardashians.

Celine Rahman

Buy: Kim, 40s & Shorties, $12