5 Types Of Friends Every Girl Needs To Get Through Her 20s

Victor Torres

Being in your 20s is hard.

It's the decade filled with change, a bunch of unknowns, lots of new relationships, probably some time being single, moving around to new places with new people and figuring it all out.

One of the major keys to get through the chaos that is your 20s is having great friends.

Without my friends, I would have had no one to tag in relatable Instagram memes, no one to text at any hour of the day to whine about something minor and no one to lean on when things just get shitty.

You'll have lots of friends come and go throughout your life, and they will all serve a different purpose.

Of all those friends who come and go, here are the five types of friends every girl needs to have in her life:

1. The loyal friend

Hopefully all your friends are loyal, but I'm talking about the one who is there for your night and day regardless of what they're doing.

This is the friend who will Uber across the city at midnight because you and your boyfriend broke up, and you just need to ugly cry with someone.

This is the friend who doesn't flake on plans. She actively stays updated on what's going on in your life, and I don't just mean through social media.

If you already have this friend, you're lucky, and if you don't, then I suggest you find one ASAP.

2. The fun friend

This is a friend I am very thankful for. It would be great if all your friends could be really fun, but let's be real: That's not always the case.

I'm not just talking about friends who you can go out and have a good night with. I'm talking about the friend who is down for anything.

You will go out for a casual drink after work with her, and you'll end up getting home six hours (and lots of Snapchat stories) later.

Everyone needs a fun friend who they can call when they're having a bad day and just need to let off some steam.

Plus, the fun friend usually comes with minimal drama, which is always a bonus.

3. The guy friend

Maybe he was a childhood friend. Maybe you hooked up once or twice. Maybe you met at work and just clicked.

Regardless of how you met, you need a guy friend in your life.

You need one you can send ugly snaps to without having to worry about it. You need one who will give you straight-forward answers when you ask about your dating life.

He comes with zero drama, and you can have a couple beers with him when you need a break from all your girlfriends.

4. The forever friend

This friend knows all your flaws and loves you for them. She's seen you at your best, and she's seen you at your worst.

You may not have grown up together, but you know she will be your friend for the rest of your life.

She gets you. This is the friend you can go months without seeing, but when you get together, it's like you didn't skip a beat.

Find this friend, and never let her go.

5. The brutally honest friend

Shout-out to all the girls who tell their friends how it is.

She's the one who doesn't beat around the bush when asked if she likes her friend's boyfriend.  She's the one who will tell you your outfit looks bad or that you're trying too hard.

She's the one who isn't afraid to be honest with you and doesn't sugarcoat anything because she knows your friendship is strong enough to withstand some criticism.

She will support you as much as she will be honest with you.

You need her in your life.