Forget Missed Connections: Subway Crush Lets You Snap And Upload A Photo Of That Dreamy Guy On The Train

We know you can’t tear your face away from eye-f*cking the hottie on the train across from you, but do your home-girls a favor: drop your gazing, whip out your phone, snap the photo and share the love on

For convicted voyeurs like myself, is nothing short of the most genius blog ever. On top of scoring some quality "me time," ogling good-looking (and hopefully bearded) men on the train is the only fun that comes from having to commute. Make your ride more interesting.

And if you prefer a hottie with an accent, check out the British version, I don’t know how it’s possible that ordinary people look this hot, but the London guys are even sexier than the American ones.

And yes, you can totally respond in the comments with identities and phone numbers. Thanks.

H/T: Subway Crush, Photos Courtesy: Subway Crush