You Can Fix A Run In Your Tights With This Unexpected Beauty Product

Black tights are the arch enemy of partygoers.

Standing too close to a brick fireplace, dancing exuberantly and scratching your leg all have the potential to make you Patient Zero of the holiday party scene. Your stockings are the first to rip, and every other woman's pair will soon follow.

We're often told clear nail polish is the solution to runs, but unsticking dried goo from our legs in the cab ride home is not a pastime we actively pursue. For obvious reasons.

Instead, pack a travel size bottle of hairspray.

When your tights show the first signs of tearing, spritz the spot. If you're concerned they're too fragile to last the night, there's no harm in giving both your legs a hairspray once-over before heading out the door.

Crisis averted. Party on.

Kylah Benes-Trapp