Trainer's Side-By-Side Photos Prove A Bad Angle Makes Anyone Look Overweight

Social media is a fickle bitch.

To begin with, there's no way to escape from it, whether you're on it for work or pleasure. If you want to upload a photo of you and your pet cat canoodling, your boss will definitely see it.

And that's just the average person. If you're a model, influencer or someone who generally receives a paycheck for being good-looking, then an imperfect Instagram is the ultimate no-no.

Take, for example, fitness expert Jen Widerstrom. The trainer might be best known for training on NBC's “The Biggest Loser,” but in everyday life, she's just another woman lifting weights and trying to feel her best.

In a recent Instagram post, Widerstrom took a break from body perfection to show her 180,000 followers exactly how easy it is to get caught in an unflattering pose, no matter what your body mass index may be.

Just two frames showed Widerstrom with two surprisingly different body types: a muffin top and six-pack abs.

Looking at these photos, I'm immensely grateful for a series of increasingly stern middle school band teachers and ballet instructors who shrieked, "Posture is everything!"

The photos, shot just two minutes apart, were inspired by yet another fitness guru spreading the message of self-love.

Widerstorm attributes her idea to Australian trainer Emily Skye, who recently posted her own take on the importance of posture in seeing what your body actually looks like.

Scary, right? Maybe you've had six-pack ab muscles all this time, and you just didn't know.

Hold on, let me stretch and — nope. I definitely don't have them. But a girl can hope, right?

Skye added,

Good posture makes all the difference! No only do you feel better & have less aches & pains but you look better & more confident too!

Aches and pains are something we could all stand to have fewer of. A body confidence boost doesn't hurt, either.

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